Security Ninja Review – A Powerful WordPressSecurity Plugin

WordPress is extraordinary Content Management System for bloggers and publishers. Nonetheless, it is likewise inclined to hacking and other security dangers. There are a few WordPress security plugins that can shield your blog from hackers. Here is one such plugin WordPress Security Ninja Plugin.

This plugin examines your site for conceivable dangers and stifles them expeditiously. It additionally issues you cautions other than outfitting you with general reports on the advance of the undertakings.

The product program has been operational for as long as seven years. It has obtained an abundance of experience and anchored more than 20,000 websites.

Why Security Ninja?

All things considered, contrasted with different plugins out there the distinctions are shocking. You may have utilized plugins that watch your site however have you run over the one that really tests your assurance level and escape clauses.

Not? I suspected as much. Be that as it may, fear not, Security Ninja Does that for you.

Envision you have procured an Ethical Hacker to test your site for endeavors and gaps. All things considered, that is Security Ninja for you.

Security Ninja is an allowed to utilize WordPressPlugin. It performs 50+ security tests on your site in a moment and addresses security mistakes that you wouldn’t see yourself. Not just showing the escape clauses, it recommends ways how you can settle those gaps and make your site more grounded.

This plugin is so lightweight, you won’t feel a distinction in your site stack speed. Upon those tests, you get a short report of the test outcomes.

Security Ninja Pro

While the free version of Security Ninja performs well, with a premium version Security Ninja Pro you will get some additional features.

Core Scanner: This goes further into your site and outputs your center records. You can undoubtedly distinguish the phase of those records and rapidly see any dangerous ones. It is awesome for expelling adventures and settling extra record alters/erases.

Malware Scanner: As the name proposes, its ground-breaking malware recognition calculation will check transferred documents, subjects, plugins and more for any suspicious substance. It has a single tick examine, that rapidly distinguishes any degenerate records.

Auto Fixer: This is ideal for amateurs who do not have any coding abilities. The Auto fixer will quickly find in excess of 30 issues and fix them. It is a simple to utilize GUI as you don’t need to settle the issue yourself. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean you can settle each issue consequently. Some complicated ones should be settled physically.

Cloud Firewall: It goes about as a firewall for your site. By hindering more than 600 million terrible IPs, it prevents the exploiters from entering your site. This is extremely valuable as more often than not those IPs are behind a great many assaulted hackers.

Event Logger: Event Logger monitors each occasion that happens on your site. It knows when and how an occasion happens so that if something awful is to happen you know the motivation behind why.

Database Optimizer: It expels rubbish information collected in your database. Such information back off your page stack speed and have a negative effect. You can run 11 improvements for your site in a solitary snap and feel the distinction yourself.

Security Ninja Pro starts from just $29 per site and $79 for multiple sites, and $199 for lifetime use with lifetime updates and brilliant customer support.


Security Ninja is an absolute beast of a plugin. It helped me tighten up my security and revealed some loopholes even I didn’t notice. We highly recommend this plugin.