Friday 20 May 2022
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How to reload an ink cartridge in a Canon Printer?

Ink Cartridges often need proper maintenance, so you have to maintain it as your daily routine. Usually changing ink cartridges is a simple task but often people mess with some minute errors and misplace the ink cartridges.

Now, in this article, I’ll clearly explain to you the process of loading an ink cartridge in a canon printer. Along with that, I’ll tell you best place to get canon printer for a low cost.

Firstly let’s get into the Cost-effective section.

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Let’s get into the topic

How to load an ink cartridge in a canon printer?

Firstly canon printer has an access door on the top of the unit. This allows you to remove and check the status of the installed ink cartridges. If you’re print quality declines due to missing colors then replace the empty ink cartridge with a new cartridge.

Opening Process:

  • Find out open access door for your Canon printer. This door will be right at the top of the printer.
  • Access the printer ink cartridge by placing your hand under the top panel and lift the printer. After that locate the lower plastic arm of the scanner bed to lock the panel.
  • Canon printers such as PIXMA pro1 and other models don’t have a top access door in that case just have a glance at access panels on the left or right-hand sides of the paper tray. Then pull that forward to open access.

Locate Empty Cartridge:

  • Now, locate the empty ink cartridge by simply checking the status lights which are visible after you open the access door.
  • If the light blinks mean the status of the cartridge is still running but if the lights are turned off means the cartridge is empty.

Remove Cartridge:

  • Now, push the tab above to release it from its slot. Then simply lift the cartridge out of your Canon printer.
  • Remove the replacement ink cartridge from the box and then check the wrapper for instructions.
  • If it states shake the cartridge before opening means to shake it or else hold it parallel to the floor and take it. Usually, most of the ink cartridge does not require shaking.
  • Now remove the ink cartridge from its wrapper and peel away the tape which covers metal points. Then twist off the plastic cap if it is present in canon printer.

Install properly:

  • Push the new ink cartridge into the empty cartridge slot so that metal contacts the face inside the slot and then release the tab faces towards you. If it is installed properly you can see the status lights on.
  • Then close your printer access door and wait for the printer to show the indicator light. And start printing your copies.