Recommended 6 Best Foodstocker type model automatic feeders for dogs and cats

WOPET  automatic feeder for dogs and cats

WOPET 7L Feeder

Easy design and affordable entry model. We can stock 7L of dry food, we will correspond firmly for long term absence.

 It is a type to feed with a timer and a method in which the amount of food is automatically added by electricity. Batteries and cords are required. Electricity is charged, you also can put batteries on, even safe in case of power outage.

In addition, the food stocker has a stopper, and when you are at home you can adjust the feeding amount by stopper. However, as long as you do not wear a stopper, food is supplemented as much as you can eat, so care must be taken for children who like to eat.


In addition, because there is electric wiring, you should take care of the safety. It is easy to clean because there are few parts so it can be hygienically used. It is also recommended for those who purchase automatic feeder for the first time because reasonable but basic functions are available.

WOPET automatic feeder F03


A form like a mini robot is lovely, an automatic feeder for pets. Timer can be set from 1 to 4 times a day, and the amount of food can be adjusted up to about 200 g in about 5 g increments, so it is attractive that even large dogs can be eaten firmly. The tank capacity is about 2 kg, and if it is a small dog or a cat, it can cope with the long absence.

In addition, this product is equipped with a recording function, the owner’s voice can be reproduced at the timing of feeding. You can be cautious even with a child with a strong warning heart.

Since it is 2 WAY power supply of battery and AC adapter, it can be used even in the place without outlet. As the code is subjected to bite prevention processing, it prevents electric accidents due to mischief. In addition, the infrared sensor detects the food leftovers and prevents food from being added excessively. It is a recommended automatic feeder that can be relieved even while you are out.

RUSMO (LUSMO) pet food auto feeder L – AF 110R

Fashionable automatic feeder with a vivid color and pet-like form. It adopts a large and easy to operate display, and it is characterized by easy use by anyone. Battery type and no cord, weight of the main body is as light as 1.5 kg, so it is easy to move between rooms and move during cleaning.

The top lid is of the smoke type and it prevents direct sunlight from hitting the stock being bathed and deteriorating. The bait enters approximately 1 kg, three times a day, it is possible to set the feeding with 5 to 80 g with a timer. It also has a manual mode so you can also give a snack separately from the timer.

It is an automatic feeder suitable for small dogs and cats than large dogs because the amount given at one time is small and the bait dish is also relatively small. Both the food tank and hood tray can be completely separated from the main body so you can wash every corner and keep it clean.

Ott style ( automatic feeding a 0 8500

An automatic feeder with a large capacity of 10.5 L, which can be given plenty of food even for large dogs who love to eat. About 4 kg of dry food can be stocked, and there is no need to worry about food shortage even in the absence of a long period of time.

Up to 4 timer settings per day, adjustable feed rate from 26 to 260 g. When bait time comes, pets are safe as it has a recording function that allows the owner’s voice to flow automatically. Moreover, it adopts the lock dial formula, it is hard to leak odor of bait, there is no worry that pet will open without permission.

Even with the smallest fed amount, it is a product suitable for large dogs, not puppies or kittens because it is 26 g. However, pay attention to the fact that the operation sound of the automatic feeder is slightly larger and the setting is reset after the battery runs out. It is a highly recommended but reasonably recommended automatic feeder.

Automatic feeder for pets with high safety. The hood tray meets safety standards for food containers, and since it employs ABS resin for food machinery, it does not contain harmful substances and is safe.

The function as an automatic feeder for pet is also substantial. Timer setting of 1 to 4 times and feeding of 10 stages of 10 g are possible. 4.3L high capacity tank and battery & 2 way power supply system of outlet are also attractive. Since the recording function is also equipped, you can feed the owner’s voice according to the feeding timing.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an infrared sensor to prevent excessive feeding. Food trays and hood stockers can be cleaned and kept clean. It is attractive to familiar with the interior because it is a calm design with a smart form.

Best Answer Bistro Wan-chan Auto Pet Feeder

High-tech pet automatic feeder that can be remotely controlled from a smartphone. If you download the exclusive application to the smartphone, you can operate from the smartphone all the feeding timing etc. Since it is equipped with a camera and a microphone, it is convenient because you can talk to not only the feeding situation but also the pet you are eating.

The application supports both iPhone and Android. It is necessary to connect the main body to the Wi – Fi line, and a highly stable 2.4 GHz environment is essential. It can not be used with 5 GHz Wi-Fi or 4G mobile radio waves, so let’s check in advance.

Also, since the tray can be washed completely, it is easy to clean. Although the price is high, it is a model excellent in functionality.