Among the conditioning systems are autonomous and centralized

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The Samsung Split ACs is one of the most used electrical appliances today, mainly in the summer for the simple reason that it effectively helps to cool the air we use either in the office or at home.

An air conditioner is that domestic appliance that processes the ambient air, cooling it, cleaning it and simultaneously controlling the humidity of it when leaving. The air conditioning can be considered as point cooling of the home or office, since there is another type of refrigeration which is considered industrial. Since Voltas ACs serves to cool large areas such as industrial refrigerators, which are associated with maintenance chambers of edible products such as fruits, dairy, among others

The Voltas ACs air conditioning

It is the process that is considered the most complete treatment of the ambient air of inhabited premises; it consists of regulating the conditions in terms of temperature ( heating or cooling ), humidity, cleaning (renewal, filtering) and the movement of air inside the premises.

Among the conditioning systems are autonomous and centralized. The former produce heat or cold and treat the air (although often not at all). The second ones have a conditioner that only treats the air and obtains the thermal energy (heat or cold) of a centralized system. The cooling to refrigeration machines, which work by compression or absorption and carry the cold produced by cooling systems.

Cooling systems

The methods of refrigeration that are generally used are mechanical compression that consists of the realization of a cyclic process of internal heat transfer of a building to the outside, through the evaporation of substances called refrigerants such as Freon, which are currently being replaced by alternative refrigerants that do not affect the environment and the ozone layer.

This substance is in liquid state at low pressure and temperature, evaporating in a coil called evaporator by extracting air from the interior of the hottest room.

Then in the state of steam is sucked and compressed by a compressor increasing its pressure and consequently its temperature, condensing in a coil called condenser by transferring heat to the colder outside air.

In this way, the liquid refrigerant at high pressure and temperature returns to the evaporator by means of an expansion valve in individual equipment, which causes a sudden reduction of pressure, causing a certain vaporization of the liquid that reduces its temperature, returning to the initial conditions of the liquid Cycle.

Water can be used as cooling medium to cause condensation instead of outside air, which is cooled by a cooling tower.

The basic elements the reciprocating compressor or piston type that is used in most cases. Rotary compressors are also used for small systems or spiral type called scroll. In large installations, helical compressors called screw or centrifugal type are usually used.

At present, several systems are being developed that improve the energy consumption of air conditioning, are solar air conditioning and vegetable air conditioning. Solar air conditioning uses thermal or electric solar panels to power conventional air conditioning systems.