Raid: Shadow Legends – Beginners Tips

Tip for the budding heroes out there!

If players are new to Raid: Shadow legends, here are some awesome tips to have an awesome start at the game.

What do you have to do?

This game will provide players an unforgettable journey. The players have to accurately make a move with the Army of champions to invade an unknown and save the realm of Teleria. This is going to be a tremendous adventure. Isn’t it?

Get used to the affinity system

In this game, the players will come across 4 types of affinities. The players must take to understand all these four affinities to be successful throughout the game. Among these four affinities, the affinities will exist in the balance with one another. The fourth affinity does not provide any particular advantages or disadvantages.

The affinities are as follows

  • Magic (blue) – beats spirit (green), weak to force(red)
  • Spirit ( green)- beats force ( red), weak to magic ( blue)
  • Force (red) – beats magic( blue), weak to spirit ( green)
  • Void ( purple) – no counter no weakness

Understanding all these affinities and their interaction with each other is the most critical factor in the Raid: shadow legends.

Make the champions play and turn off the auto-battle

The team of champions has to be driven by the player. You can understand the ability of the champions by checking their skills by making them find in the battle in the manual mode. With the help of the skill tab, check their capabilities. Doing this you can appreciate each new champion’s capabilities and drive them accordingly. For the champions you have not yet acquired, you can check the index to know about their skills.

Play the game your way

The players will be excited to unlock through the gameplay. But make sure you play the game your way. You can either play the same story section to strengthen your champions or unlock through the next levels so that you can know the dangers and mysteries or make the game more exciting. Ignore the Dungeons until you have completed the campaign.

Make use of the progress missions

For the help required, there are tutorials as well as progress missions. This will make the players get used to playing Raid: Shadow Legends in popular sites like In the progress missions, material awards are also offered.

Join a clan

It is common to see players having more interest in joining a clan. It is exciting to be a part of a clan. However, it is good to hold back until you get a sense of community. Until then try and understand a clan where people are very much interested in helping a new player.

Earn the three-star ratings

Players can earn impressive rewards by ensuring that they complete with a three-star rating. Getting back to the game again, to make sure that you complete with a three-star rating gives you better rewards. This game also provides rewards based on the overall Star counter. Make sure you don’t leave this.

Make friends and have fun

Though it is a serious game of battle you can hold hands with the other adventurers. You can discuss with them the strategies, your favorite things about the game by using the in-game chat.