Mobile Phone Deals You Should Not Miss

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In Europe, nine out of ten mobile phone users take advantage of their loyalty points or the expiration of their plan to change their device, according to the latest figures, a market research company. At the end of engagement, it may be wise to change supplier, in order to take advantage of the attractive rates granted to new customers (while keeping their telephone number).

Buy, okay, but buy what?

Which mobile to choose and for which use?

If telephoning obviously remains at the top of the motivations, this use, by itself, arouses little interest as it is trivialized. Choosing a cell phone just for calling is a bit like choosing a PC just for word processing. With the Mobile tech this is important now.

The list of new benefits that can be derived today from a mobile is long. The activities on the rise include access to social networks, with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, as well as instant messaging, MSN in the lead. In short, everything that keeps you in touch with family and friends. There is also pure entertainment. The Nielsen Institute claims that more than half of Internet users on mobile use it for entertainment, and almost 40% for its convenience, YouTube, Google search and Google Maps are very popular. All these activities justify the choice of a suitable mobile, which is not easy, given the diversity and the number of models offered. You can Find guidence on ResetTips to get verizon wireless free government phone. This guide has been designed to help you see more clearly and choose the mobile that suits you.


It is only for telephoning

To constantly add functions to mobile phones, we would forget their primary vocation call. However, many of us still do not ask more from our mobile. If you belong to this category, go to the basics any keyboard (your numbers are entered only once in the directory) a medium-sized screen, for example two   inches, and simple menus are all you need.

In this category, opt for brands like Nokia or Samsung, whose devices are both economical, at least for the most basic models, and easy to use. When it comes to specifications, no need to aim high, no Wi-Fi or GPS, even less 3G + . Even if you go to the simplest, you will find that all the mobiles are equipped, at least, with a data link in GPRS or Edge. It doesn’t matter, you won’t use it.

Mainly use SMS

It will be necessary to choose your mobile according to the comfort of seizure before all, the other characteristics being able to be equivalent to those described in the preceding point. Of course, all phones are at least equipped with a “pseudo numeric keypad, three or four letters per key. The ideal solution is to test them, which is unfortunately impossible if you do not work at Micro Hebdo   : in stores, the devices are dummy or have no battery.