It was back in 1993, when for the first-time people got the taste of streaming live things & Australia was the evidence to this history of mankind. With times, it has emerged as one of the most popular & best means of entertainment – more importantly it is stopping nowhere. Standing today in the 21st century, streaming live is not a big deal anymore. Streaming is a concept in which a file is continuously sending as well as receiving at the same time over the internet

Let’s analyse its growing popularity

Since it has crossed 98+ million users it has become the target of many copyright companies. One can watch the movies as well as their favourite Television serials on this free streaming website. Let us look at the major reason behind their huge success & popularity:


  • Availabilities of wide varieties


  • The streaming sites like movie4k features a wide availability of shows & entertainment busters. It covers a wide variety of languages and movies, daily soaps, serials, Tv shows in almost genres. Not only that it features the specialized Web series that are developed only for streaming on the internet & world wide web. More interestingly it presents the latest as well as age-old shows & movies.



  • Stream at your time as per your mood


  • Standing in 2019, we all are short of time in the hectic schedule of our daily. So, a wide generation of people misses out shows, movies just because they run short out of time. Moreover, people want to get themselves entertain themselves as per their need and wish without being dependent on the particular schedule of National television. Streaming sites have them all in one go. One can enjoy as per his or her wish according to the mood anytime anywhere.



  • A faster site & dynamically responsive Web design


  • All the free streaming movies site is a better and faster site which allows the user to watch movies flawlessly. If someone wants to watch the movie for a better and safe experience, one should use movie4k because many other movies 123 are not a real version and one should not use them. That’s why a representative from the free streaming movies had told them they are keeping changing their name.



  • Free content


  • This might be the last but not the least reason in the cause. Entertainment is not a privilege to afforded by all. And more over if someone is giving the most favourite element of your choice at free, wont you jump for it? And this what has happened with these sites.


Since there was pressure from the law authority from all around the world on free streaming movies that’s why this pirated website was bounded to shut down. However, the same site has renamed their name and domain and again rolling in the market. The main problem is that many pictures come to the internet before its release date due to which producer along with film industry get loss. Hence these websites are considered as notorious and pirated site is also not so secure, although they are working on safety and security.