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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of eLearning - eLearning Industry

With the help of the new upcoming gadgets latest technology, robots such as ticklish robots and facial recognition software have gained huge popularity. For sick children, Social AI pediatric care has given a lot of positive emotions. Since 2019, future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and automation have seen significant growth and would also grow at a higher speed in the future. As per research, it is predicted that more than seven million people would be employed in the information technology sector latest by 2023.  As of now, many industries and corporate companies have said that it is difficult to find a good number of data analysts or data scientists. Several job portals have also accepted that thirty percent of the job requirements are hard to fill and are having huge vacancies related to these jobs only.

Top Five Job Oriented Future Technologies-

  1. Hyper Automation:

Hyper Automation means a combination of packaged software, multiple machine learning (ML), and automation tools to deliver work. For instance, in a logistics company, trucks may be dispatched automatically depending on the traffic or weather of the journey.

  1. Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AL):

AL as well as ML have received a lot of appreciation because of bringing almost some never seen before developments and efficiencies across various industries. Python programming, statistical analysis as well as data mining is in huge demand. It is also believed that a group of researchers are developing an artificial intelligence-based system that will be able to predict local thunderstorms much before and this would further help to save thousands of lives from such natural disasters.

Apart from the above, AL has also emerged as the latest technology news in computers since it is used in various computer programs especially programmed to imitate human intelligence and execute various important functions such as voice & pattern recognition, visual detection, and decision making. Also, AL can do these tasks faster and more precise than a human. AL apps include web devices, ride-sharing software, home personal assistant, etc. It is also used to plan trains, forecasting of maintenance, and various cost-saving activities.

  1. Data Sciences & Analytics:

 When data is considered to be the voice of the customer, on the other hand, data science is considered to be the interpretation of the voice. Over the years, the demand for data scientists has increased and the professionals have clearly understood that the number of jobs would increase exponentially and that too very soon.

  1. Cyber Security:

Hacking with the help of the internet and its threats are increasing every day. In fact, with the help of the internet, security cameras have also been hacked for terrorism-related activities. Therefore, since the businesses and the top employee monitoring software governments are encouraging to go digital, the need for cybersecurity and related jobs are also in demand. It includes data security, network security, application security, and disaster recovery, etc.

  1. User Experience Design:

By 2022, user experience (UX) design would go much ahead of developing websites and mobile applications. It is also predicted that jobs for UX designers would be plenty as they would be required for building engaging digital applications using tools or programs such as Adobe XD, HTML, Sketch, etc.

Thus, the jobs related to the above-mentioned topics would be in great demand. You may also have a look at technology news to have the most updated and detailed knowledge regarding the same.