Invest in powered patient equipment for safe and easy experience

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The concept of safe lifting of the patients through proper and safe equipment allows the providers to focus mainly on the care of the patient. This will reduce the worries while carrying the patient from one place to another. These are very intuitive to use as it involves the exchange of levers and strategic lifting. This can be done by just pushing the button.

What are the benefits of the power stretcher?

  • This is powered equipment that lifts as well as lowers the device with just minimal physical exertion. The stryker power stretcher is basically a hydraulic lift system that helps to move the patient.
  • The patient can experience a very smooth raising and lowering the cot. Hence this minimises the risk of the patient falling down. The patient will also not feel uncomfortable with the movements.
  • This type of equipment is very good for patients because even though the weight may be heavy, it can provide greater stability. It also helps to support the bariatric patients.
  • The stryker power stretcher has fastener system that minimises the risk of fall as it can be loaded and unloaded with much less exertion. The patients can be conveniently moved in and out of the ambulance and the patients have lesser risk of injury.

The stretcher is completely refurbished and operates well functionally. It is also cosmetically replaced if there are any broken parts. The cot is very safe for critical patients as it has been proven to reduce spinal loading and so there are very less injuries. The power sets a standard as it delivers superior performance and has an outstanding ergonomics.

It has-been seen that if you invest in the powered stretchers, it will actually yield you significant savings. This is because it will decrease the repetitive stress as well as strain that are caused to the patients while lifting and loading.