Copy data without error prompts

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Whenever you want to copy data from one folder to another, the task must be really simple and take very less time depending upon the file size obviously. It is irritating to see error prompts in such cases and the most frequent error prompts is “file in use” or “file is open”. No matter how many time to remove any background program running, “file in use” can never be found so that it can be closed.

Also, you might need to copy a file while still working on it or you might need to open that file in your mail or somewhere else while modifying it, this phenomenon is hard to carry out because a file in use is not allowed to be copied or opened in some other destination without closing and saving the same.

Robocopy is not just software for copying files effortlessly but is a solution to each and every file copying errors that a machine can ever generate. Using Robocopy one can avoid many such errors and do the task of copying files from one folder to another and from one machine or server to another machines or server within a very short period of time.

The need to transfer a file may arise at any point of time. The reasons may vary from person to person and enterprise to enterprise. Robocopy helps in copying data from one server to another and initiates data migration without any errors. It can also be used as destruction recovery software in which the data can be copied to another device or cloud and can be recovered as needed.

Some features of Robocopy as mentioned as below-

  • 32 bit and 64 bit data transfer that allows to copy only selected files if needed without having to copy the entire directory all together.
  • Synchronizes files while copying it emitting the errors of huge file links and paths. Long paths errors are avoided with this feature.
  • Corrupted files are not sent throughout the network.
  • Can carry out huge amount of task efficiently.
  • One can schedule the work timing of the software and it will automatically do the job of transferring files at the given time.
  • It initiates elasticity of file transfer and security at its best.

The best thing about Robocopy is the fact that it does not have any restrictions or limits over the amount or size of file that can be transferred over a network. The multithreaded file transfer allows transferring file quickly over a huge network without any errors.

One can give a try to the software before paying for it. The web site allows user to download the free trial version of the software and use it and then buy the entire software to keep using the same. One can also try the free demo of the software to get to know it better. A 24 hours customer support across the globe makes it easy for the users to get in touch with the experts if required.