How to use Animoji on the iPhone X

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Animoji is one of the hottest new trends for the iPhone X. You will be using it like a pro if you follow this guide to using Animoji on one of the latest editions of the iPhone.

What is Animoji?

Animoji is an animated set of emojis (hence the name). These emojis have a 3D appearance, and they also move, making them much more expressive than the traditional static 2D emojis. Based on the emojis that you have already most probably been using on platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter or Skype, Animojis take emojis to a whole new level. The most exciting thing of all about Animojis is not the fact that they move (which emojis on platforms like Skype are already doing). Rather, it is the fact that these emojis respond in real time to your facial expressions as you look into the camera of your iPhone X. They become a life like representation of your expressions and your emotions!

A guide to using Animoji on your iPhone X

Animoji is an app that you use with iMessenger. This app may already be installed on your phone if you have automatic updates enabled. If not, download it yourself via the Google Play store or a similar app provider. Make sure that you have only downloaded the genuine Animoji app. Now you are ready to use Animojis. Here is a three-step guide to making them work for you:

  • Choose the particular Animoji avatar that you want to use on this particular occasion. There are a range of animal and other faces available, including an alien, a chicken, and a panda.
  • Switch on your iPhone X camera (and make sure that it is not engaged in any other task) and start recording your face. Be as expressive as you like – the Animoji you have chosen will start to respond to the movements of your mouth, eyes, and cheeks. It will also turn in tandem with your head if you turn your head to one side.
  • If you want, switch on the voice function and the Animoji will move its mouth precisely to mouth the words that you are speaking. There is also a fun function called Animoji Karaoke which lets your Animoji avatar sing along to a chosen song.

Get Animojis now – they are so much fun

You can have hours of fun with Animojis, and they definitely help to spice up all those conversations on iMessenger. You can change the avatar that you use whenever you like – you aren’t just stuck with the Panda or the Chicken all the time just because it’s the first Animoji that you chose. Use the 3-step guide above to start using Animoji on your iPhone X: you’ll be amazed at how quickly you will learn how to use them and how much enjoyment they add to your chats.