How to Repair Corrupted Microsoft Access Databases

Facing the problem of database corrupting? Then you must be looking for the best options to repair the corrupt access database without losing any data.

There are a number of options that you have. In the followings we will be discussing on the same now.

There are instant options that you can opt for now. You have to have a proper idea of the whole process and the complications that come up. Along with that you will also have to keep in mind that the use of the proper software can be useful enough in addressing the matter as well.


What is Access Database Corruption?

When you are upto this matter, then you should know that it happens to be the Microsoft proprietary Database Management System. The popularity of MS Access is quite high and a lot of people use the same. The user friendliness of the system happens to be convenient for many.

It has the Jet Database Engine that is used for grabbing the user interface at the very frond as well as use the development tools that are running at the backend. Object based programming power is the most important matter of it and it is attached with multiple software development tools for a number of other server applications. The versions are different here.

The use of the software is high in the corporate areas and the database is used hugely there. But the only problem is that the database files that it has become too prone to corruption and that cause loss of great amount of data.

The complication in MS Access database is a problem for many and that is why a number of recovery and repair options are opted for.

The Reasons

A number of reasons are there that cause this kind of complication.

They are as mentioned beneath:

  • The chances of corruption for the access database become high when the Memo fields are edited too frequently. The issues with the VBA module mainly complicate the matter. For the database design it is quite a risky affair.
  • Virus attacks are the frequent reasons for database to get corrupted. The virus covers the entire database area, causing off the loss of the data.
  • When multiple users enter the same database, and then start installing the updates, then the differences in the MDB files result in the corrupting.
  • When the user install any third party application incorrectly then too such complications come up.

Hardware failure is a common cause for such corrupting of the files. In short, the entire problem of Database corruption happens to have a lot of reasons.

You can try to fix it manually. But, experts suggest that manual methods should perform under the supervision of any database administrator or tech experts. If any user perform wrong steps, then it can make situation worst. Some users feel that technical procedures are not friendly for end users. It can also lead towards loss of important entities of Access database like queries, store data entry forms, stored procedures, reports, and database security settings.

To save your time and avoid complex manual steps, Access database users can simply try any third party access database repair software like Stellar Repair for Access. It is the best software for such works and it addresses all the aforementioned issues.