Why do you need an adapter?

The adapter is like a technology device that allows you to connect from wherever you are, and share the network to other devices as well. Connect your adapter to your computer, or notebook, and install it. Once this is done, connect it, and register a password for private and secure sharing of your network. In a matter of minutes, your computer will be able to surf the internet by connecting this adapter, and you will still be able to share the network. Also you can use this adapter on your mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets. Some tablets with a USB port can also be connected directly with the adapter.

Why should you have a wireless adapter?

Because it can helps a lot on a daily basis. With the loss of connection, network failures, mobility of people, and it can be used anywhere. In addition, the adapter can be carried anywhere in the bag or backpack. It is very compact, light and not so big.

Can you share your connection?

The adapter allows you to share your internet connection for others to access through other devices. The problem with this is that it can directly influence the speed of your connection, as well as your package, making your connection slower and running the risk of your package ending more quickly as well. It is important that you know this, so as not to place all the blame on the adapter, because, if you buy it already, knowing that the initial connection is limited, and if not, you may end up paying a note, for free use, the more, open.

Know about internet routing

It is true that there are cell phones that come with applications, or allow applications to be downloaded, which are capable of routing the internet from the cell phone itself, to other users with access to Wi-Fi. The problem is clear! If the internet on your cell phone is no longer good for your own use, can you imagine sharing it with one or more people? The speed will be completely restricted, and your data packet will end in the blink of an eye. In addition, there is a risk that neither you nor the one you are sharing will actually be able to connect to anything.

Is the adapter secure?

You know that some devices that you install on your computer have malicious intent, especially when they connect directly to the internet. But, the wireless adapter guarantees security as it does not need any documents or personal information to connect, just name and email address. If you share your connection with another person, they will not have any access to your information registered on their devices, but only the internet connection and online content. If you need to make any online transitions, which need to provide information such as bank account or passwords, know that your adapter does not keep this type of information, and the confidentiality of these must be guaranteed completely by the companies accessed.


Finally, the adapter allows you to connect to the internet, and not necessarily only on computers or tablets, but also directly on smart TV’s, Home Theatres, among other devices. It is enough that they have USB input and the possibility of internet connection.

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