How to Delete Any Unwanted Item from a Photo with Movavi

Few photos have a perfect composition when they are first snapped – especially outside of a photography studio. Because it is difficult and almost impossible to control all the elements in the shot, you may end up with a few stray items appearing within the frame and affecting the photo’s composition.

Rather than discarding photos with unwanted items in them, you could edit and remove the items instead. That may sound complicated, but Movavi Photo Editor will actually make it easy to learn how to remove a person from a photo or any other unwanted elements too.

Essentially the process itself is easy enough and you simply need to select the item that you want to remove then delete it. The problem with that is that most people find it difficult to properly select items in their photos, but Movavi Photo Editor will help make that easier with the tools that it provides.


When you want to select an item to remove it with Movavi Photo Editor you can choose to either paint over it with the ‘brush’ tool, or use the ‘magic wand’ to select it. It should be noted that the ‘magic wand’ works by selecting areas that have similar colors, so it might be easier to use in some cases.

After you do delete the item, Movavi Photo Editor will let you mask any imperfections or traces that remain with its ‘stamp’ tool. The ‘stamp’ will duplicate some other area of your photo so that you can cover up imperfections easily.

As you can see Movavi Photo Editor will make it so straightforward that you needn’t have any experience editing photos in order to do so. That applies to its other features as well, and you should definitely try them out so that you can use them to apply stylish filters, insert captions, enhance the photo quality, fix common issues, replace the background, and much more.

By applying the full array of features that Movavi Photo Editor brings to the table, you will be able to not only remove unwanted items but also improve your photos across the board. It is up to you to decide whether you want to focus on fixing any issues with it, or have a particular style or look in mind that you want to create for it. Regardless of what you choose, you will have all the tools you need to pull it off.