Sync The Calendars Of Your Mac And Android

Apple and Android are rivals and they aren’t likely to collaborate anytime soon. So, it is understandable that there is no easy way to sync Android devices with Mac or nothing inbuilt anyway. But that doesn’t mean there is no way to do it; SyncMate, an app to synchronize Android calendar Mac can do the job for you and the cherry on top is the fact that SyncMate is free to use. With SyncMate, you will never have to worry about missing out on an event just because you couldn’t sync your calendar.

Things to know about SyncMate

SyncMate is very versatile; it allows you to sync data on your Mac with any type of Android devices. The free version should be enough for you if you are only interested in syncing contacts and calendars. If you want to do more than that i.e. sync photos, audio, folders etc. then you will have to upgrade to SyncMate expert. The feature rich expert version can make syncing easy as a walk in the park.

Learn how to sync your calendar

There is nothing even remotely difficult about SyncMate; it will only take you a minute to learn to use it. Here is how you can synchronize Android calendar Mac in a jiffy.

  • Download and install SyncMate on your Mac.
  • Then open it and click ‘Add New’ option that you will find on the left side panel.
  • Choose the Android device you want to sync and connect it to your Mac. You can connect the device though USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Next click the + button located on the top panel and select Calendar.
  • Now set the sync parameters to your liking.
  • Now click on Sync and your calendar will be synced in a few moments.