How to Create Vlog Using Your Phone?

Most people keep their smartphone with them. They check emails, does social updates, etc. with their phone. Mobile phones are also great to take pics and videos. But did you even think of making a vlog with the help of your phone?

People these days are using their smartphone in creating quality content and then share them socially. It is an affordable and accessible source for production of a video, and it is always with everyone.

What is vlog?

A vlog is simply a blog with video embedded in it. You just need to create an account in video streaming platforms, such as YouTube, and you are done. Out of all media, the video is one of the most engaging and compelling. A vlog can build your influence, raise engagement and establish authority.

What are the types of vlog?

There are three types of vlogs:

  • Talking Head: When you sit in front of a camera and talk about a topic or share information, it is called talking head vlog.
  • How-To: When audiences learn how to do something from a video that demonstrates the activity or action is called how-to vlog.
  • Reality/Adventure: When you are outdoors doing some adventure and record it or record an incident outside, it is called reality/adventure vlog.


To create vlog of high quality, you need some equipment, and they are the same equipment used by professional video recorders. Let’s see below what equipment you need:

  • Tripod

For smooth recording movements, a tripod is needed. You might need tripod adaptor to connect a tripod with a phone.

  • Light

You should use some kind of light source to improve the quality of your video. Compact fluorescent will be a good choice.

  • Microphones

Audio is an important part of a video. You need to connect a microphone with your mobile device.

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