How to calculate exact value of domain name for domain flipping?

Suppose You have a premium domain name for sale but do not know- How much should I ask for this domain name? Domainers always have these questions on a daily basis. It is not an easy question to answer as it involves a lot of indicators for manually appraising a domain name. All top level domains are not of the same value and Generally, more respect is paid to .com domains.

Apart from .com domains, Some other Top Level domains are more attractive and even sell better. The value of .com domains are always higher in comparison to other top level domains. The availability of different names for different top level domains also affects its value.

 5 Proven Factors to manually determine Domain value

The appraised value of a top level domain can be determined by the following ways:

Comparative sales – It’s important to figure out what similar domains have sold for. There are many such sites which provide collective sales of past weeks or year and help you determine a domain value. For example-

Widespread appeal – If your domain name is appealing to a widespread audience and international audience, then it is bound to have a greater value. If your name is targeting a smaller audience, you will have less potential clients in your target pool, and thus the opportunity to earn revenue will be lesser.

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Keyword popularity – Keywords in domain name always help to determine its worth or value. By using Google tools, you can find out a domain worth easily.  Domain should also offer some business perspective.

Age factor– The more the age of the domain age, more the price of the domain. Investors always prefer to invest in domains with longer data history.

Brand ability – If you remember a brand name easily without misspelling it then it is certainly worth much more than the others which you forget as soon as you don’t hear it anymore. Thus a top level domain will have a higher brand ability than the others.

Few days back, someone ask me value of a keyword enriched domain name like this- 3d printing central coast

Let me explain to you, will not be a premium domain because it has 4 words and is considered to be a lengthy domain. There are so many things to take care of before investing in domain names

Thus, it is not an easy task to find out the price or value of a domain and requires a calculation matrix in analyzing vast amounts of data. There are some tools available to check the exact appraisal value of Domain names but there is a question mark on authenticity of these tools.

With the help of Estibot, you can calculate the value of a domain. Backlinks are again another important feature which helps to increase the popularity of a domain. So, no matter where you are, you can know the value of a top level domain through many tools easily.

You can compare the value with other domains and see how valuable they are to all. Know your domain value using these simple steps and make huge profits.

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