How SaaS Companies Can Use Keyword Research to Create New Features for Their SaaS Products

SaaS Keyword Research: How to Choose the Right Keywords for SaaS

The world of online software development is riddled with complications. Oftentimes, founders and software developers will design SaaS products in a way that reflects their own experience. This means that they may code in features that make sense from their point of view, but they may not have actually spoken to potential adopters of the software as to what features they would personally find useful. This isolationist approach is not very useful when the end goal of any SaaS products is to have as broad an array of user adoption as possible. 

One great way to alleviate this by performing keyword research for Google and other search engines. This can be done using the SEO SaaS methodology. The end goal here is to find problems that is within the wheelhouse of what your SaaS solution can possibly solve. You can then implement these features within the context of what is possible in your SaaS offering. For example, if your SaaS company is a CRM for construction companies, you may see that a feature that people are commonly searching for, or a problem that they have, is taking and uploading pictures of the job site to a CRM. You can find out about this by finding out what people are searching for around construction management. You may find that this feature can bring your SaaS solution many new users who may not even realize that they need a software solution in the first place to solve their problems.

This agile methodology is one of the great advantages of SaaS. Not only can SaaS adapt to a changing market, but they can also make changes to their own software based on user feedback. Agile processes should always begin with the user in mind. These customers need to be defined through personas, as these illustrate the different roles and different workflows that a software needs to be able to support. This can be broken down into different customer needs or behaviors.

Fortunately, you can use SEO SaaS keyword research to supplement this process, and also launch SEO marketing initiatives. You can identify pages on your website and gear these toward particular keyword groups. You can also take the software itself and make slightly modified version of it depending on buyer persona you have identified.  This is extremely useful in both encouraging new types of users to adopt your software and in actually figuring out what types of features they would potentially be looking for.

Keyword research is a tricky process, but is a fundamental part of SEO. For SaaS companies, keyword research has the added bonus of being able to be used to modify a SaaS offering. Not only can SaaS companies modify their software around what people are searching for, but they can also use the keyword research process to explore the problems that people actually need to solve. While these people may not know that a software solution can solve their problem, a SaaS company with a good marketing department will be able to find keywords that can help them frame their SaaS offerings in those terms.