Play games without Installation with Kickstarter’s new Campaign

As an avid game lover, wouldn’t you want your games to play without installation, wish there would be no loading? Well, each one of want it and here’s your thought turning to reality. Doyban a small gaming startup has announced the launch of a campaign known as Games without Installation on Kickstarter for a limited time period of 32 days starting from March 30th to May 1st. The project seems to create a primary goal of € 16,384 in this time period to create games on chat platforms such as WeChat or Messenger without installation.

The company aims to leverage 5G technology to combine gaming with fun so that players can easily play games without the hassle of installation. Games without installation have already garnered great fame from millions of users all over the world.  Doyban’s crowdfunding project seeks build on the fame of the chat based games running today. They are known as Instant Games and they are already in trend. As a player you may have not noticed it. But, some of the games you are playing on your messenger are running without installation on your device.

Surely the project created by Doyban is one of its kind. It has been drafted around a science concept where every number in the project is a power of 2. So, it is not just to gain the interest of game lovers, but also geeks. It has already created too much of fun for the participants. Even on the social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it has seemed to reach millions. The campaign has taken the gaming enthusiasts by the storm. Apart from it, Doyban has also joined hands with Amazon Web Services Activate, Oswald Labs Accelerator, OpenGameArt and Kickbooster.

With no installation needed games on the Messenger or any other chat podium offer a convenient way to find some play time even while you are on the go. In the future, you will see that most of the games will be played without installation. Be it any gadget or device, you can easily play them without installing the game. The 5G technology will surely be a game changer in the gaming sector and even Doyban expects to benefit from it. All in all, the campaign is pretty simple and straightforward.

The startup offers good rewards to developers, gamers and crowd funders along with information technology services of their company Ditectrev for backing their campaign. It is an innovative campaign which will light the gaming industry and take it to new highs. With a simple motive to make gaming convenient on mobile devices, the startup has started its research and work.

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The campaign is in its full swing and will definitely reach its goal in no time.