Glimpse of constructed writing systems

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Technology and art are two powerful and opposite poles that bless and take our human race forward. They both are rare but deadliest combination so far on this Earth. In the recent times, they both merge and bring in different colors to human race. So much of wonder this world is about to witness in the forthcoming days. The technology art and constructed writing systems has become the anticipated topic around the world and tech savvies around the world are highly influenced to try them. In this article, you will explore about the constructed writing systems and effectual ways of trying it. 

Constructed writing systems:

Writing systems are more a series of symbols that aids representing language and numerous types of writing systems available with great variations.  Writing and speech are two major ways of communication while writing systems are considered more reliable and legitimate source to store and transfer data. Artists, designers, techies and even the nerds, geeks are much interested to try the two dimensional writing systems. The influence of technology on writing systems makes it eternally captivating and allures people around the world to employ them on their field. If you are tech savvy or artist who has never tried it before, it is better late than never. Try to understand its various colors. 

Different types of constructed writing systems are available lately. Some of them are listed as follows. 


  • Dimensional Script


In this type, words are compressed to symbols in various forms and it is also called as Dscript. 


  • Chemistry Script


This method is an adaptation of Dscript in which the molecules are represented in dimensional symbols.  This representation has been the talk of the town in chemistry and related fields. 


  • Universal Script:


Universal logographic language also known as Uscript is designed in reference with math and physics. Since these two fields are relatively connected, details on this field are represented in this form. 


  • CScript:


Compressible computer legible script is generally referred as Cscript. This script is easy to OCR and denser information is easily compressed. Professional on this filed employ this to ease their work. 


  • Electronic script:


Human handwriting and low resolution pixel matrix display are part of electronic script and it is also known as electronic script. 

Listing all the types needs a bigger space and only some of the prominent are listed here. 

Gone are the days when you seek others assistance to use the writing system but with the advent of technology, things have termed simple. Just with few taps, anyone can reach their need on expected caliber. Collections of writing systems are available on internet lately which lets people to use them for various purposes. Many web portals on online lets user to try them for free and some of them offer premium membership. Depends on need and nature of work, you can choose the website.
Getting suggestion from experienced people would be an ideal option to stick to best option.