How to Become a Popular Fitness Coach on Social Media?

They say, do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Fitness has been considered a sport or a hobby for a long time. Today, it’s much more. It’s a lifestyle, a sport discipline, and definitely a business.

If you’re already into this or you’re practicing some fitness regularly, maybe you should think about doing it more professionally and start earning from it. Since you’re already here, guess is you already did that and now you’re looking for some tips.

In this article, we’ll tell you the five most important things you must do in order to become big. Follow up and learn more about this.

1. Build a body without a flaw

If you’re about to become a fitness coach, you need to set an example for your clients. Today, a lot of the classes are happening online and your clients might not ever see you in person. However, they’ll see you online every day.

They must see someone that’s a true work of art. In order to inspire someone to work with you, you must show them that’s it’s worth it. Having the perfect body is the first step toward motivating a client to give you their trust.

That’s why you need to work just a little bit more than you used to so far. You can’t have any extra pounds nor look like you haven’t been eating in days. You know what a healthy person should look like. It’s all about muscles and looking fit. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter but do waste a lot of time in the gym and make that body of your flawless.

2. Learn all about it

It’s not just about looking good. Your job is to work with clients, teach them, support them, and tell them what they need to hear. Most important of all, still, is telling them facts about fitness. You have to learn all about this discipline.

A few things are most important. Facts about nutrition and facts about the human body. As much as you spend time working out, the same time you need to put in learning about these things. On this link you can learn about nutrition and the human body.

Why? Because it’s not about blind lifting weights. Fitness and bodybuilding is a true science. In order to get best and fast results, you need to know what you’re doing. Your knowledge must become your client’s knowledge too. After all, this why they pay you – to teach them how to build a good body.

3. Hire a PR team

Once you’ve done building your body and mind, it’s time to shoot in some serious bullets. Yes, looking good is marketing of its own, but in order to get in the big leagues, you need something stronger.

Have you seen those successful boys and girls having millions of followers? Do you think they did it on their own? Of course not. They all have a team of people working in the background. People like photographers, editors, writers, etc. It’s a whole company creating a brand out of you.

In one word, they’ve collected a team of people doing what they don’t have time for. If you want to be like them, you need to hire a PR company doing all this for you. The marketing is something that even the best in the business can’t figure out completely and you, as a fitness coach, don’t even need to try to do this.

One of the biggest markets for fitness coaches is New York. The city with its surroundings holds more than 20 million people all trying to be healthy. That’s why you need to look for the best health PR NYC team there is.

4. Choose your media

Once you hire these guys, they’ll ask about your priorities. You’ll need to choose the network you feel the most comfortable on.

Facebook is huge but the fitness world lives on Instagram. Now, everyone will tell you that, but if you don’t like this network you can choose from any other out there. Why is it important to choose a media that’s most appropriate to you? Because it’s important to feel good about it.

If you don’t feel good while posting, your clients and especially the potential ones will feel this negative energy. Their feedback will surely be the same – negative. You won’t be successful.

Another thing that’s highly important here is that different social media offer different clientele. This is something that your PR agency will explain best. They have professionals that do thorough research and will find out which network is best for your needs. When you get these results, you can finally make a clear decision on which one you’ll focus on.


5. Build an image of yourself

As you move forward and get more clients, you’ll need more effort in holding your reputation. You’ll need more time to work out and you’ll need more time to provide guidance for every client you have.

This is something that you mustn’t ignore. If you get more clients and you don’t have time for all of them, your reputation will fall down. Instead, only stick to the best few clients that provide enough for you to feel good and slowly build your brand.

With time, the fact that you don’t accept new clients will spread very fast. You’ll become wanted. Still, don’t accept new clients if you think you won’t be able to pay attention to everyone equally. No, keep your work to the top slow, but sure. See here why your image means a lot:


Follow these 5 rules from above and you’ll surely become popular. There’s no other way to become successful. However, if you’re already in the game of fitness, you know that none of this will be a problem for you. Except for the PR point which is something that you should consider an investment for bigger, better, and faster growth.