Gaming Headset And More—Best Tech Products In 2019 That Are Worth Every Penny

Yes, we are relying on technology. We should not be ashamed to admit it as for most of the time it does make our lives easier and more comfortable.

From the introduction of smartphones, gaming headsets to AI-controlled home devices, everything is created to fulfil your ultimate experience. 2019 is already a fantastic year with new gadgets and iterations on traditional devices. The recent CES 2019 also revealed some of the most anticipated products for tech geeks that can be purchased soon in 2019. Let’s take a look at what they are and why you should also be as excited as me.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle

As the most influential brand in the motorcycle market, Harley-Davidson has never been afraid of taking courageous moves and making its products different from its competitors. In 2019, they are going to officially start selling the first fully electric-driven motorbike called LiveWire

The product will certainly bring in new demographics into their existing customer segments, such as environmental enthusiasts or those who appreciate quiet running machines. While it remains true that most features that can be offered by a regular model, this new model comes with a few changes that are the first of its kind, besides being itself an electric bike. LiveWire is entirely auto, meaning that there is no clutch or gearing shifting to accelerate. Furthermore, the company also included a smart driving system and electronic chassis system to aid your riding experience; therefore it will perform like a beast even though it is not fuel powered.

SOMiC G951S Gaming Headset

Playing games can be the most enjoyable and accessible form of entertainment in 2019. With over ten 3A games entering the market each year, it certainly is a great time to be alive as a gamer.

What product can instantly provide an even better gaming experience? You are right, a gaming headset! Early this year SOMiC released its main gaming headset G951S with incredible specifications

The headset has high fidelity speakers with an updated virtual surrounding sound system. You can enjoy the game score in single player titles, and hearing opponents running towards you has never been this easy in multi-player games. Moreover, a removable and sensitive mic assists your communication with friends. Teamwork is the key for winning the battle, and the SOMiC G951S is here to provide you with an edge.

Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

We have seen virtual reality headsets and augmented reality machines in the past five years, and this year a Chinese start-up showed us the potential of mixing realities in CES2019. This device looks like an ordinary pair of glasses with built-in voice control, spatial sound, and a widescreen display at 1080P, without the bulky headset. It is a step forward to bringing in a new form of a portable electronic product. I cannot wait to see how this concept will be combined with, for instance, smartphones and home devices.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

What can be more exciting than a smartphone with a foldable screen this year? A large size TV with a rollable screen!

LG’s New Signature R9 TV has a rollable screen that can be retracted into a compact box. When you need to use it, it can be stretched up to 65 inches. The product also provides a 4K experience with an intelligent control system as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

The revolutionary rollable screen is the most significant change in TV in terms of the form and shape. Although its selling point at this moment consist of only two aspects: saving space and looking futuristic. However, I am sure the implications can be significantly expanded in other areas.

Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror

Speaking screens, another screen-like product we see every day is a mirror. Capstone Connected Home introduced their first smart mirror in CES. When it is off, its reflective feature allows it to be used as a standard mirror. However, the product is technically a screen with Google Assistant and all essential functions which can be used to schedule your day. It will enable you to use your fragments of time to manage things efficiently. Data will be automatically transferred to your phone and PC as well. It looks the same as what we usually see in sci-fi movies.

Anticipating a better future

These five tech products are the best items on my list in 2019 thus far, and we already saw huge steps were made in all these industries. Whether or not these inventions can be transferred to the mass production process and fully utilised by everyone, they are remarkable enough. We all should appreciate the efforts and contribution from the people behind all these products. The future is going to be incredible.