Content Monetization Trends: Facebook, Live Streams and More

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Content monetization at its easiest: distributors bringing in cash from the content they make. Quality separated content is the product that distributors bring to showcase: it is the reason individuals purchase their magazines and papers, and why they devour content online on their sites or through their cell phones. Also, since the internet taking over the world, the concentration for distributors has been the means by which they can bring in cash from their content since the “free web” does not offer money for the content they offer to the people.

Live Stream:

While live-streaming is not a new technology, it’s gained popularity in the past few years. The idea of live streaming is not new after all news associations use huge satellite trucks to live stream reports every day. In fact, 80 percent of internet users say they have watched more live video this past year than in the one before. This is likely due to the rise of live streaming capabilities on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. What’s going on is the ability to do basically something very similar to your cell phone. On account of the upgraded portable network and improved innovative capacities, live streaming is presently inside the force and hand of us all.

Companies have to come up with ideas that can engage the crowd for more than one second. Live Streams can be the future to monetize the content effectively.


Content creators love their followers and most of them want to give some kind of reward those who are most loyal to them. That’s where ConnectPal comes in. From YouTubers to bands to radio hosts, stars of all types make a profile and share posts like on other social media platforms, but fans pay a monthly subscription to view them. 

ConnectPal is a content subscription platform that started in 2014 to help radio stations and hosts earn more money, but has since expanded well beyond that medium. Creators can offer advantages like merchandise discounts, behind-the-scenes photos, or exclusive videos to their subscribers to sweeten the deal. Being able to connect with a smaller group of fans is less daunting for creators and getting access to exclusive content appeals to superfans.

Facebook Videos:

Facebook advertisement breaks permit you to make money on your Facebook video content. Promotion breaks are short advertisements (as pre-roll, mid-roll, and image advertisements) embedded at regular breaks in your qualified video content. The element has been around for barely a year and clients were delayed to embrace it from the start. Yet, presently, many Facebook pages are earning 4–5 figures in income from promotion breaks.

Alongside the video advertisement, Facebook is propelling a “Pre-Publish Brand Safety” highlight that lets makers submit recordings before they distribute them to decide whether they are qualified for adaptation. It additionally offered a brisk outline of how it was fixing rules around video adaptation qualification guidelines.

These methods to monetize your content are proven. The world of the internet is pretty huge and everyone needs to stand out and make money through their content. There are various ways but the best of the best is mentioned above. Practice those methods and see an increase in revenue and web traffic in your online business.