Considering Storytelling in Your Video Campaign? Follow these Tips.

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The future holds the storytelling shift from the interruptive advertising to publishing branded content that the audience seeks nowadays. Audience love stories, and hence they crave them! So when it comes to integrating storytelling with video production, here are the tips you should follow.

  • Determine the quest

Stories actually start when the audience can understand the goal. When someone is wanting something to take place, to change, then everyone gets interested. Reblhouse recommends to try incorporating this very want into the title of your story video. Be clear about the goal as much as you can. Try your very best to be singular. Try to determine where you are going with this video.

  • Never skip the conflict by any means

Many brands are very conscious about the dark aspect of storytelling. Most of the branded content stories are mostly about people’s triumph—people overcoming obstacles against all odds, in order to accomplish their mission. Your story doesn’t typically need an antagonist however, struggles and obstacles must always be an essential component. This establishes a dramatic platform to where your story should be answerable to. Determine what problem is to be overcome and what will happen if it fails, the emotional stakes etc. Expose your audience to an adventure. Never make it too easy and this is how they will stay hooked till the very end of the story.

  • Define the role of your brand in the story

It is always easy and great to assume that you are the protagonist, however, that is not your role. Brands and products are all about supporting the story, they are the helper, the enabler. Another thing you should note that you must have the permission to narrate this story. If the story doesn’t involve your product or service directly, in any way, then how is the story related to your brand. Maybe, your story expresses and reflects the core value of your brand. Check that some element of emotional connection always integrated into the story and it must always be authentic. Audience can get cynical very easily and feel that they have been manipulated by the means of the video to interact with the brand. Hence, it is very important to define the role of the brand in the story, it should be subtle or indirectly. But never shove the story down the audience’s throat forcefully. Keep it as organic as you can.