It is often believed that advertising cannot stand without marketing, in some sector, they go hand in hand, advertising is a branch of marketing that deals with communicating to customers about products, services, brand and companies.

The beginning of the new millennium characterizes a great involvement from the usual norms in the society, one of these changes is the way computerized systems and techniques are being deployed in marketing and advertising.  In the medieval ages, marketing and advertising is done at a central market where in central point where interested parties meet for the purpose of transacting business, of course, this is not the best way to go, because of the limitation in scope and terms of business is local.


In recent years, some marketing and advertising strategy may include running series of physical campaign, distribution of flyers, usage of the mass media such as radio and television among others, one major disadvantage of these techniques aside from being too costly is that they are not effective and may not capture the required and target audience.

A better advantage computerized advertisement and marketing has brought over the years is its support for ecommerce and marketing strategies that offers increased visibility and attraction of larger traffic at low cost. Computerized advertising are available according to budget of the promoter.

Computerized advertisement and marketing takes different form ranging from building a promotional plan at a very cost effective and competitive rate using the internet Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such SEM might include the usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing which can be further broken down to the usage of newsletter marketing, mobile marketing, interactive and display marketing and advertising, behavioral market research and online market research. Other techniques which is worthy of mention under his category is the pay-per-click, the unique advantage of these techniques is their massive and unlimited reach as there is no bound in its coverage. There is also an edge of reaching the targeted audience and clients in the shortest of time.

Having pointed out that advertising on web is cheaper than traditional means such as radio, television and likes; one of the important facts that have played to the support of computer advert is the explosion in internet usage for market, advert and online research. It is estimated that over 3.2 billion people in the world population now uses the internet of which  2 billion are from developing countries and 89 million from the developed countries (International Telecommunication Union, 2015). This is another interesting advantage that plays to the gallery for computer marketing and advertising.

However, this technique does not come with its own disadvantage, because it makes marketing materials and documents available to everyone in the world to access and copy without breaching the legal and trademark placed on such files. This can also lead to loss of jobs as manpower will no longer be needed for task related to advertising and marketing.