Choose Xamarin For Your Next Mobile Project

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As mobile applications increase in popularity over websites, businesses and organizations are focusing more app development. The simple reason being: their improved UX, fast operating power and the ability to allow the user to work offline.

However, this might sound easy but mobile app development a strenuous task and involves a lot of time and efforts, especially, when you are thinking of developing a cross-platform app that runs on Android, Apple and Windows simultaneously. Now, as soon as we hear the word ‘cross-platform’, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is Xamarin. Counted among the best and most widely used platforms, Xamarin is a sure bet for next app project. Making development a cakewalk, the platform not only offers a pool of features but functionalities as well.

Below, we will give you a walk-through this mind-boggling framework and why you should choose it for your next cross-platform development project.

What Is Xamarin?

Bringing .NET and C# to both Android and iOS platforms, Xamarin Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco, California based software company founded in 2011.  Fully .NET based, it holds the ability to produce true Android and iOS mobile apps concurrently.  

Quick Facts About Xamarin

  • One of the most cost-effective and time-saving platforms used for building apps across major operating systems.

  • Allows developers to 75 to 90 percent of code across all major mobile platforms, which, in turn, decreases cost and time-to-market.

  • High performance and remarkable UX.

  • Seamless integration along with quality assurance and functionality testing on a vast range of devices.

Best Features

  • Power of C# on mobile devices
  • Open source
  • Faster development
  • Native apps with native user interface (UI) controls
  • Native UI development

Why Xamarin?

Code Reusability

The single shared C# codebase eliminates the need to write separate codes for different app platforms. You can create a single app base and use it across iOS, Android, Windows or other platforms.

Native Application Programming Interface Access

Xamarin offers complete access to native application programming interfaces (APIs) across all platforms. These help in saving time and effort while assisting in a quick and successfull to the market.

Not Limited to Mobile App Development

Xamarin is not limited to simple mobile app development. Using Xamarin, you can develop:

  • Wearable apps
  • Mac apps
  • TvOs apps
  • OpenGL games
  • SceneKit/SpriteKit/Metal games

Supports Smartwatch Apps

Xamarin makes it possible to run C# code on your wrist i.e. in the form of a smartwatch. Developers can use Visual Studio for Mac and Windows to build iOS Watch apps along with proper support for Android Wear.

Simplified Maintenance

Xamarin makes maintenance and updates easier. By simply deploying the required changes to the source file, they are applied to iOS, Android and Windows apps.

Seamless Designs With Xamarin.Forms

Apps UI is written in Xamarin.Forms, which helps in creating a good UX design while saving time.

The Two Approaches

Xamarin brings along two basic methods for building cross-platform mobile apps:


It is used when you want to design your app once and share it across all platforms with some minor code changes.

Xamarin Native 

It is used when you want to design separate apps for each platform with the help of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Windows libraries


Xamarin is an excellent platform that supports Cross-platform mobile development at a fractional cost. Gaining massive popularity over recent years, it makes significant savings in development time, maintenance and overall client costs. Besides these, Xamarin based apps deliver a great performance and user experience.

To find out whether or not Xamarin is the ideal platform for you, let’s have a quick conversation with Certified Xamarin Developer. Leverage the advantages of this amazing platform and transform your business idea into reality.