AWS Migration and Live Migration

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud platform offering many database services to help the business scale grow. People are using Amazon web services to create applications for their small business as well as a database for storage for their files.

AWS has a broad spectrum of services offered. There are literally tools for everyone, storage for files and databases, file sharing and transfer. AWS offers a very secure system in order to easier protect you, the consumer. The AWS cloud is a nationwide system available in 109 different countries with over 50 points of presence.Image result for AWS Migration and Live Migration

What is Live Data Migration?

Live data migration is when you back up or save your files, transfer your files or even share them through a cloud database service. For businesses that are starting to utilize public clouds, such as AWS, moving to the cloud can be worrisome. These businesses can eliminate risk by using a service that allows for automated cloud migration with continuous replication. This way, they will ensure that their data is secured and there is no loss of data.

On the cloud back up service, you can easily recover lost or distorted data without any downtime. There isn’t really a concern on losing data if you are using a cloud service for your data migration. Live data migration is more common than you think, you just haven’t realized it because people don’t see the cloud services through Google, Apple, Dropbox and other services as a migration source.

Why use Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services offers many tools and trackers to help you grow and advance your business. You can easily share files, transfer files and so much more with the ease of security. Amazon Web Services provides conversion tools, tools to help you recover your documents or files. You can grow your business with the help of AWS and their tools.  Did you forget to save something or mess up on a proposal for work? AWS has made fixing this simple; you can automatically recover and store data all in one place with out the bulky hardware of an external hard drive.

In Conclusion

AWS and live data migration are becoming a thing of today. With the advancements of technology, we no longer need to have external hard drives and we are no longer limited to having our files on one device. We can now work on multiple computers or devices from anywhere with the cloud storage.  This is a great service saving time, space and frustration of losing files. If your company is looking to migrate to the cloud, having a cloud migration strategy is key.