Free cell phone spy — advanced tracking technology for smartphones

Do you want to find a reliable and simple android spy with a large variety of options, functions and intuitive interface? The modern spyware app Hoverwatch is for you. This app supports all major mobile device platforms and smartphones. It is a good choice for everybody who wants to be 100% informed. Of course, you can download free cell phone spy but it cannot have all possibilities like professional one.


Do you want to protect your kids from bad companies? Do you think that your employees spend their working time for personal deals? Do you suspect your wife of adultery? Stop doubt. Free cell phone spy from Hoverwatch team helps to check the behavior of you beloved one, track the conversations of your workers and control your kids.

The application developed by Hoverwatch is one of the most popular and user-friendly. It is used for watching over kids, supervising employees’ performance and preventing theft. This mobile monitoring software runs invisibly.

It helps to track all activity including:

  • manage calls (incoming calls restriction, monitor calls)
  • track text messages (received/sent SMS)
  • read emails (outgoing/incoming emails)
  • view multimedia files (videos, photos)
  • read instant messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber and so on)
  • monitor internet use (website bookmarks, browsing history, blocking websites)
  • control programs and applications (keylogger, installed apps, application blocking)
  • address book and access calendar (contacts and calendar activities)
  • remote control (device locking and wipeout, control panel)
  • track GPS location
  • analyze it (reports).


You see with newly-developed spying programs tracking of Android phones has become a simple task. If any issues with your free cell phone spy arise, you can ask for help to a customer support.

Obviously, the modern spy service provides people with a tremendous opportunity to be well-informed of what is going on around at work or in family. Using such appliance, you can learn not only the phone number and the duration of the call and, but also you can listen to the recording at any convenient time.

Use this application smartly, and you will change your life for better! Keep everything under your control and there will not be many unexpected situations.

Keylogger (PC, Mac, Android)

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