5 Trends In Construction Technology That Is Making A Difference

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Technology is having a significant impact on the construction industry. The ideas that once seemed to be impossible or just part of sci-fi movies are slowly turning the future of construction tech into reality. They are now becoming a part of the mainstream industry, together with their new and practical applications that we never even thought of 10 years ago.

Here are the 5 trends in construction technology that is making a difference.

1. Exoskeletons

Exoskeletons were something that has been continuously developed in the past few years, and it is believed that it could actually make the construction industry more efficient and safe. Just like any other industries, these would probably seem like only a part of sci-fi movies, and there aren’t really a lot of benefits that can be enjoyed through it.

This is far from reality. As a matter of fact, these wearable mechanical suits have the power of improving productivity as the wearer can easily lift heavy objects with as little effort as possible.

2. VR and AR

One of the few technologies that are being slowly introduced in the construction world would be virtual reality and augmented reality. It is highly believed that these technologies could be useful tools not only for project teams but users alike. Likewise, AR is also known for offering graphics layer to the real world where users can view almost everything they need with ease.

3. Driverless Vehicles

It has always been a priority to improve overall safety and efficiency in the construction site, and what better way to achieve that done by incorporating technology in almost everything that we do. Autonomous vehicles are gaining more and more popularity as they promise to revolutionize the way we travel and they can also be very helpful in transforming building site environments as they address the shortage of skilled labor, while improving productivity at the same time.

Not just that, we wouldn’t have to worry about waterfilled barricades other forms of traffic safety devices being ignored, because this technology is embedded with sensors that could quickly detect those.

4. Advanced Materials

The world of construction materials continues to expand every day. This allows experts to look for ways on how to improve this further continuously. For the past couple of months, a lot of innovations were developed, and this includes self-healing concrete that contains bacteria capable of germinating itself when water enters the crack.

Likewise, there are also kinetic pavings that gather energy from the footsteps of pedestrians, and electricity is generated through it. 4D printed structures that are more advanced than 3D printers, with the ability of reshaping and self-assembly. These are just some of the advanced materials that are

5. IoT Technology

Last, but not least would be IoT technology. Experts are quite confident that it has the power of changing the industry for the better. Simply put, the Internet of Things is a network of physical devices connected with each other, and they have sensors that allow these objects to exchange and transfer data smoothly. Aside from that, it could also be useful in the construction sector when it comes to monitoring, supply replenishment, and many more.