6 Best Backup Tips

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Data loss is perhaps the worst disaster a business may face. Hence the job of data storage executives is essentially added with looking for a strong protection against data loss, increasing the efficiency of backup processes and shortening backup windows.

Making educated decisions on choosing continuous backup software tools, data deduplication and replication technologies can be the most important first step to ensure effective data backup processes. Here are some best backup tips that will make the job of professionals easier.

  1. Importance of Data Deduplication

There are various ways in which data deduplication affects backups and they depend on the technology used. There are typically two options: deduplication on the client’s side and deduplication on the backend disk target. There are positive effects of both these options including removing data dwelling in backup systems to vacate spaces and reduce energy usage.

  1. Email Archiving for Auditing, E-discovery and Backup Help

Several users have started using email archiving that can help them tackle with backup and e-discovery, mailbox administration load and auditing concerns.

  1. Switching from Tape to Disk-based Backup

Although the rates of disk reduce every day, that of tape doesn’t. Therefore the agenda of many companies contain the switch from tape to disk-based backup. However, before making the switch, these companies should consider the bigger picture, since the right time for the switch depends on several organizational drivers.

  1. Speeding Up Backup

IT professionals are looking at data deduplication and disk-based backup to speed up backup processes. As the capacity of data storages increases, so do the size of backup windows. This is a challenge faced by several users and is prompting them to consider data deduplication and disk-based backup products from a company like CloudEndure.

  1. Evaluating a Data Deduplication Product

Since more and more businesses use disk-based data backup to overcome the downsides of tape-based data backup, the option of data deduplication has become a force to enhance the financial feasibility of retaining data longer on disk. While assessing a data deduplication product, a few of the considerations are performance, cost, deduplication domain, and scalability.

  1. Data Deduplication Ratios

Deduplication or reduction ratio often expresses the efficacy of data deduplication. But it may be very confusing to understand these ratios. It’s important to estimate a practical data deduplication ratio in your backup system.

A factor that makes data deduplication a realistic expenditure in one environment may not essentially hold true for all environments. You certainly need to know whether dedupe will help you meet your need, reduce costs or fill a gap.