3D Volume Measurement Systems

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The iDimension Series takes an image of flats, packages, poly bags, irregular shaped items and tubes in fast time to calculate the dimensions of the packages for shipment.

IDimension 300

This 3D measuring machine takes measurements to a whole new dimension.

It is designed to be installed securely to the concrete floor and then positioned over a workstation or roller/conveyor belt system in manufacturing and warehouse environments. Only iDimension will instantly capture and then calculate the dimensions of any packaging for shipment with ease, accuracy as well as incredible speed.

Experience the Future

The setup is completed with an embedded program by an Ethernet connection. You only need to attach iDimension as a new device to an existing network, calibrates in only minutes using the included tool for calibration and then iDimension is ready to go. Web service of iDimension is accessed to DHCP IP address. It is free API users to use with a HTTP request as well as XML method of parsing. With the API, function customizing is easily integrated and coded.

Easy to use

With no parts that move maintain or service, iDimension is easy to use, reliable, with a straightforward and fast installation. It can be seamlessly integrated into work areas already set up without changing the flow of the process or any existing floor plan. You can set up iDimension over currentconveyors to update your operation as well as eliminate some steps. iDimension’s numerous patented, state-of-the-art sensing technology as well as imaging that is 3D work to optimize time as well as output.

iDimension is a product made in America and is supported by a network of service providers worldwide – currently pending Legal for Trade approval.

IDimension 100

This series 100 is the future of dimensioning. It is designed as an economical solution for both high and low volume shipping methods. It dimensions flats, package as well as irregular shapes in speeds that are sub-second speeds.

iDimension 100XL

The iDimension 100XL is designed specifically for integrators to offer flexibility in the installation of dimensioning solution anywhere over a table, conveyor belt or scale from a pole, support beam or ceiling mount.