7 Trends for A Modern Home Cinema

Until a few years ago the trend in home theaters was based, practically, on having a large screen and filling the room with high fidelity speakers.

Currently, there are more details; That home theater has now become a multipurpose room, which is not only used to watch a movie or series. Now there are many things we can do inside a space dedicated to entertainment and coexistence.

Meet 7 Current Trends for Home Cinema

The Decoration: It is an important aspect. It is not enough to have a huge screen; there are decorative elements that make our home theater even more comfortable. Aspects of the lighting and the colors of the walls are important. Having a lighting and temperature control could make the experience even more comfortable. It is recommended that the shades of the walls be dark or neutral, and incorporate solutions in home automation (automation) – managed from an iPad or touchscreen – to control lighting, air conditioning, blinds and audio and video systems.

The Comfort: Of course, armchairs or seats for home theater should be comfortable, with high-end materials that offer durability, comfort, and cleanliness; we must remember that we will spend a lot of time in that place, whether lying down or sitting down, we should relax. The objective is to create a space with a touch of theatricality that generates an atmosphere according to our personality, as well as recreating the experience of the comfort of the seats in commercial movie theaters that have spacious and comfortable seats.

The Network: Another significant aspect has an excellent Internet connection, streaming and video or demand are things that came to stay such a good modem, and of course, a router and robust access points with great capacity will always help to which the devices like Smartphones, screens Smarts  digital TV antenna, and streamers work better.

The Audio and Video: Now, it’s time for the audio and video teams; Gone are the plasmas or LED’S screens, today’s technology is 4K, Super UHD, and OLED. It is advised that the size of the screen depends on the distance the spectator will be seated. You can get your audio video installation done fast and easy with the help of a professional.

The Contents: A new trend is to have several displays that allow a multiple impacts at the same time, the normal thing is to locate a large screen flanked by 2 or 4 televisions of 46 or 50 “. This allows you to be “seeing” several contents at the same time. Very useful for sports fans.

Get professional advice on selecting the proper tv and sound for your needs at a reliable home theater store.

As for the audio system, there is good 5.1 sound equipment. Although there are also 7.1, 9.1 and even 11.1, the question is to know what you want, its functionality, if you have the right space and do not forget to have a good amplifier or sound receiver, so everything has the right quality. For control, it is advisable to incorporate one that is intelligent to unify all devices.