You Can’t Gain Real Instagram Followers if You Use the Platform Incorrectly

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Businesses that have successfully used Instagram understand that to get real Instagram followers, you need to use the social platform correctly. Following are some of the most common mistakes businesses make that need to be avoided.

Not Having a Content Strategy in Place

Businesses that want to gain real Instagram followers need to avoid posting arbitrary content that doesn’t line up with their strategy. Instead of randomly posting content or just guessing what content is relevant to your target audience, you need to review your data and use it as a guide. In order to do this, study your Instagram Analytics. Start by reviewing your past content and compare and assess how your audience has been responding to the topics, type of media and results. Also, look for a common thread. What topics struck a chord? What visual content is your target audience engaging with now? What is the commonality? Is there a specific style, background or filter your audience appears to prefer? When you identify what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to translate the successful posts into other pieces of visual content that have the same elements.

Low Quality Content

Since Instagram is so visually oriented, it’s crucial to post visually stimulating, high quality content. Surprisingly, some businesses continue to post subpar content that makes it impossible succeed on Instagram. Bottom line, if you want to gain real Instagram followers, you need to consistently post high quality images and videos.

Not Realizing that Engagement is as Important as Growth

Instagrammer’s have a tendency to believe that if they can just get more followers, they’ll generate more customers. The important thing to ask yourself is what you’re doing to turn your current followers into customers? By doubling down on your existing audience and serving them well you’ll increase your chances of turning them into actual customers. It’s important to determine why your existing followers are following you. Communicate with them, have a conversation, respond to every comment, and follow up on all poll responses. By consistently engaging with your audience you’ll also be able to gain real Instagram followers.


Another big mistake company’s make on Instagram is inconsistently posting, which leads to their audience losing interest. Inconsistency also comes down to the kind of content you post so be sure that it has an overall cohesion and is relevant to your brand. A good way to ensure that your content consistently appeals to your followers is to plan out your content ahead of time.

You’re not Using Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags you should be. Even though it takes effort to come up with and post hashtags on Instagram, your efforts will pay off if you want to gain real Instagram followers and engagement. If you don’t use hashtags, your posts will only be viewed by your current followers.

Ignoring Valuable Features

A lot of businesses take time setting up an Instagram account, post high quality content regularly, but don’t take advantage of the amazing features Instagram has to offer. What this means is they’re missing out on IGTV, Stories, highlights, tagging, polls and various other innovative features that can increase exposure. So, if you haven’t done it already, take the time to acquaint yourself with all the latest Instagram features and keep an eye out for new releases by following Instagram’s own account.

If you want to consistently gain real Instagram followers, avoid the mistakes listed here. In addition, keep in mind that Instagram marketing is ever changing which means that what you think works today could be proven wrong tomorrow so always do what it takes to keep up.