YNMS is Gracing Headlines with Its Revolutionary Approach to Social Media


YNMS Concept

YNMS turns social media into your life compass. It ensures you can create poll-like posts to help you get insightful feedback on various topics or items. You can find out whether it’s worth your time touring idyllic places around the world or finally come to a decision if you are torn between two products. YNMS mixes typical social media fun with helpful responses, which enables you to make the right decisions or help others do so. Alternatively, it lets you get a feel of what people think about an item or topic with substantial numbers from poll results. In a nutshell, YNMS helps you make the most of social media besides just having fun. 

YNMS features

YNMS first impresses with its vast options of topics which sees to it that it caters to the taste buds of anyone and everyone. You’re sure to find a subject of your liking and funnel your newsfeed to receive posts on only those things you fancy. Moreover, the app also has these features:

  • Comprehensive image-editing features entailing several appealing filters
  • A seamless UI that ensures flawless and simple navigation
  • An extensive network that connects users around the globe with shared interests. 
  • A one-v-one image comparison feature to assist you with those tough decisions. 
  • The ability to create your polls and get third-party opinions on the topic at hand. 
  • Image-based demographics to put the feedback your posts are getting into perspective. 

YNMS is available across the two major app stores, so no device is locked out of the fun!

How YNMS works

Once you’ve downloaded the app and completed registration, including setting an emoji or profile picture, the UI presents you with several exciting categories. You can choose between Animals, Entertainment, Fashion, Cars, and many others in the “Interests” preview to ensure you customize your newsfeed to your taste. 

The home section presents a compilation of posts in line with your preferences. You can rate each in either one of three choices or skip that particular post altogether by navigating downwards. You can swap up for a “Maybe So,” left for a “Yes” or right for a “No.” For compare posts, i.e., those comparing two side-by-side items, you can swap up, down, left or right for either, neither, this or that options respectively. 

You may also create your poll posts to ask questions via the buttons at the bottom bar. 

Why YNMS stands out from its alternatives

Social media isn’t always black and white, and YNMS keeps this in mind while coming up with a new concept that also takes care of the grey areas. Its range of feedback options aside, the artillery of intuitive features including a generous collection of filters ensures that the app stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Moreover, it also has enormous business potential with regards to consumer opinions.

The download numbers also tell a positive story, with YNMS quickly growing more popular by the day. This app has earned various sobriquets for its efforts with many users terming it the “best of its kind” as per the flurry of positive reviews. It’s one you should purpose to get ASAP!

Link to the YNMS iOS app: 

Link to the YNMS Android app: 

Website: https://ynms.app/.