Why You Should Travel to Space

Mention the term “travelling to outer space,” and many people will associate it with renowned astronauts such as Neil Armstrong. But that is just the tip of an iceberg! Travelling to space is now a reality, an excursion that anyone, including you, can undertake. Indeed, some space tourists, such as Richard Garriott and Tito Dennis, have been there, and their experience is breathtaking. So, should you also plan a visit to space? Here are the five main reasons why it is a worthy excursion.

No Special Scientific Qualifications are needed

In the past, travelling to space was reserved for a small group of scientists considered to be the best of the best. To get into this category of scientists required decades of training and experience, which relegated everyone else to spending life on earth. But not any longer!

Today, you do not need any academic or scientific experience to qualify to travel to space. Simply put – it is open to everyone who is interested and can afford it! Although it is a costly affair, space tourism allows you to get the experience that scientists used to enjoy. It is a lifetime opportunity you should not miss.

Allows You to Tour with a Difference 

You might have travelled to most places in your country or across the globe. So, travelling to space gives you an opportunity to tour with a difference. Think about it. You get to blast through the earth’s atmosphere and experience the vastness of outer space. Well, if the vastness of the Grand Canyon or Mt. Everest made you hold your breath, wait until you experience the finite void from a spacecraft. It is so vast and could change your thoughts and beliefs about life.

Time to Experience the Overview Effect

After taking eight days in space, Richard Garriott gave an explanation of the overview effect. It is a unique experience you cannot get from elsewhere. It is a phenomenon mainly experienced by astronauts where they are able to view the entire earth in one glimpse.

From a spacecraft, you are well above the clouds, so you can see the weather and earth’s geography. When the spacecraft goes over deserts, you are able to see them and appreciate how they are shaped by the wind.

It sets you Apart From Others

Today, those who have travelled to space tell of special experiences that others can only dream of. This makes them different, special, and highly revered. This is why Richard Garriott is an instant sensation whenever he goes. You too can join this group of special people by travelling to space. Make sure to gather as much experience as possible and a lot of people will look to you for a piece of it.

Space tourism is an experience that you should strive to get. It is easy, simple, direct, but expensive. Remember that for the best experience, you should pick the best space tourism company, such as Orion Space and Virgin Galactic.