Why You Should Choose a Dedicated Server for Your Business

Every business needs an online presence and there is nothing quite like a good website to represent its interests online. As much as the design and content are important, the first thing a company should pay attention to is the web hosting service and plan they will use. For most businesses, there is only choice that gives them total control over their website data.

If you are not using a dedicated server already but fear your business is outgrowing a VPS server or shared hosting, the following reason should sway you to finally upgrade to dedicates server;

  1. Enhanced Data Security

Data security should be paramount to any online business especially when collecting sensitive personal information or if you are selling products online. A dedicated server is the best solution when your main concern is security. Shared hosting services are susceptible to viruses and hacks mostly because they don’t have updates, patches and firewall and antivirus installation capabilities. A dedicated server o the other hand allows you to set up all these defenses against data loss and since you are mostly responsible for maintenance, there is a very small chance of data loss and security breaches.

  1. Enhanced Performance

The volume of traffic your website gets on a daily or monthly basis can affect how quickly a page loads. If for instance, you are on a VPS hosting plan or a shared hosting plan, the website loading time is further affected by the very many other websites on your server. If you have more than 100 website visitors a day, it is time to consider upgrading to a dedicated server. Page load time is important since any more than 6 seconds and you’ll have lost the potential customer’s attention. We recommend looking here for incredible performance: https://www.cyberhostpro.com/dedicated-servers/

  1. Custom Programming Options

Since a dedicated server is used by only one website, there is opportunity to customize just about any aspect of the server. You can run corn jobs, any custom software and even shell scripts. The same is true of the hardware you want to use. These customization options give you the full control to configure the hardware and software of the server to suit your business’ needs.

  1. Easy Load Balancing and Scalability

Load balancing refers to the process of distributing workload on a server. In shared hosting, this is a major problem since there are a lot of other websites trying to do it at the same time. The problem is, it can take a while before you realize there is a load balancing problem and by then your website performance may have already been affected. A dedicated server eliminates this problem by allowing you to schedule all the processes ahead of time which ensures effective load distribution.

It also worth noting that because you are in control of the software and hardware assets of the server, you can easily scale your assets as your business grows. This means that you won’t need to move to a new server when your business grows.