Why you Need Safety of your Medical Equipment

There are many tips that will help you safeguard your medical equipment thoroughly with absolute trust and guarantee needed. We have outlined the reason why you need to do it.

Protection Against Electric Shock

Thisis ensured by the correct classification of the device (depending on the supply) and is ensured by the insulation distances. Again, the device must be safe in the first error. Therefore, all insulation distances must be made up of at least 2 protective measures, both withstanding the rated load. In the event of a fault, it is assumed that only one protective measure will fail and the user or patient will still be protected against electric shock by a measure.

Insulation of the Application Parts

The other component is the classification of the device by area of application, also called classification parts. Here, the devices are classified according to their scope in different classes and must meet different requirements according to the class. This means that the leakage currents must not exceed a certain value since the device is permanently connected to the patient and that the application part must be galvanically isolated.

Potential equalization

There is no explicit requirement for a separate connection for an equipotential bonding conductor, but if such is provided, then some requirements are also made, that the conductor can be removed from the terminal without a tool and that the connection is not protection ladder connection may be used.

The function of equipotential bonding is to avoid, by an additional measure, minimum contact voltages that can occur between devices and flow across the patient. Currents from 10µA can already trigger physiological effects and can be avoided by an additional equipotential bonding. Voltages of a few volts can also occur between different wall sockets within a room, which can lead to considerable patient currents between the devices.

Responsible for the equipotential bonding is the operator of medically used rooms.

However, the biomedical equipment services come in handy to determine the route of the problem, solves it and makes sure it runs like a new machine.