Why You Must Monitor Your Server Each Day

Business owners need data storage that is safer and efficient. By using off-site servers, they can store their data and receive better security options for securing their data and files. An off-site administrator manages the server and monitors who accesses it. These services could decrease risks to the server and the company’s files.

Identifying Risks to the Data

When monitoring a server, the administrators will review all possible security risks that could lead to unauthorized access to the data. In all industries, hackers attempt to connect to the company’s server to gain access to confidential information for financial gains. Malicious software such as ransomware is designed to capture data and lock it away from the business. When mitigating risks, the administrators will create robust security schemes to block unwanted access and keep the data safer.

Identifying Who Accesses the Files

With SaaS Server Monitoring, the administrators can identify all workers who access any of the files and when they access them. These details are a must if any data is corrupted or changed without authorization. The log will show the business owner what worker signed into the server and what files they accessed. It is a great way to find workers who are committing fraud or attempting to extract data for their own use. The administrator will release the log to the business owner if dire circumstances emerge.

Altering Permissions and Authorization

The administrators can alter permissions and authorization for all workers, and this could decrease serious risk to the company and their data. For example, if a worker was fired, the administrators can shut down their user account and prevent the former worker from accessing the server or any business services connecting to the server. It is a great way to protect the data from disgruntled employees who want to cause harm or use data for financial gains.

Decreasing Data Loss and Alterations

With the right authentication measures, the administrators can block out any accounts that do not have the right to review the company’s files. For example, if a user account was hacked, the administrator can prevent the hacker from using the account to steal files or change them. By monitoring the server closely, the administrators will ensure the safety y of all data and prevent unauthorized users from getting in or changing information.

Increasing Space as Needed

The administrators can increase space on the server as the company expands and grows. As they add new clients and files onto the server, it will take up space and could present the business owner with serious issues if the server isn’t scalable. By using off-site services, the business owner gets more space as they need it, and they can accommodate a growing client base.

Business owners will use servers to store customer information and keep the company’s files safer. By using an off-site server, the business gets a cloud-based server that provides plenty of room for their data. Business owners can learn more about setting up these business services by contacting a vendor now.