Why should videos have subtitles?

You have made a new video with some really fresh and awesome content and along with this, you have also worked hard for its promotion, to make it reach a wide range of audience. You have also indulged a lot of thinking in writing the description and the title of the video. The promotion has been done on all social media platforms.

But the results did not come as desired. The view count remains a lot less than what you had imagined.

Have you ever imagined what went wrong in this whole process? Why despite all the efforts and hard work the desired results were not achieved?

Let us tell you the reason. Along with great content and a good amount of promotion, there is one more thing that you need to do in order to garner a higher number of views. That one thing is adding subtitles to your video. Here we are listing the points which make adding subtitles to your video an important aspect of your video’s success.

  1. Many people watch videos without sound

Do you know that near about eighty-five percent of videos which are present on Facebook are watched without sound? The major reason behind this being that they might be listening to their favorite music and don’t want it to stop for some random music or they might be in a public place without an earphone and don’t want to be disruptive. So, adding subtitles will help garner the extra views of these people. This is the reason that the video player for Mac support subtitles.

  1. Everyone will not understand the language of your video

Your content may have a universal appeal but everyone will not be able to understand the language it is made in. If they will not understand the language they will not watch the video however compelling the content may be.

English is the most used language on the Internet but other languages are also not very far behind. One such language is Chinese Mandarin. Captioning your video in multiple languages will give your video a global appeal.

  1. Everyone is not able to hear your audio

A very larger population of the audience is either deaf or has some difficulty in hearing. Near about twenty-eight million adults in America suffer from hearing problems. So not captioning your video will definitely make you miss this large portion of the audience as they will not be able to hear and understand what your video is trying to say.

  1. Subtitles make videos more comprehensive

Different type of people learns in different kind of ways. Some learn by doing, some by watching and some by reading. If the people watching your video are not the ones who learn by just watching then the whole purpose of the video is defeated.

  1. A videos social reach is increased with the help of subtitles

Research has found that videos on Facebook having subtitles had 16% higher reach than the videos without subtitles. Moreover, the video with subtitles also had fifteen percent more shares and seventeen percent better reactions than the ones without it. All in all videos with subtitles outperformed videos without subtitles in every aspect.

So, if you want to make your videos an instant hit among masses you must have subtitles attached to it. Otherwise, all the efforts and brain that you’ve put in making the video will all be in vain.