Why is Site Loading Speed So Important Nowadays?

What do you usually use the World Wide Web for? Do you use it only for surfing? Internet can also be used for trading things online: you can earn quite a lot of money by convincing your website visitors to buy things from you with the help of a caching website design and convincing content.

However, these things aren’t enough to make your site a favorite one among online shoppers: none will pay much attention to your web design or content if your site isn’t speedy enough.

Today, we’re going to speak about site loading speed and why it really matters nowadays.

Several Reasons to Make Your Site a Speedy One

A modern world wide web contains millions of web resources: some of them are created to share useful information among online users; others are eCommerce sites designed for trading things online. If you are an online merchant or you simply own your personal site and you are willing to attract more online users to it, you shouldn’t forget about your web performance.

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Here is a short list of reasons why you need to make your site a speedy one:

  • Google and any other searching engines pay much attention to the site loading speed while creating their search lists (they simply exclude crawling sites from their search lists);
  • Your web performance influences directly on your user experience (online users (especially online shoppers) really enjoy surfing handy and speedy sites);
  • A slow loading speed of the website can become a reason of a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.

What Should I Do to Speed Up My Site?

If you are a website owner and you are willing to boost up your web performance, there are several ways how you actually can do this:

  •         You can choose an appropriate hosting plan to speed up your site;
  •         Cutting down the size of the images can also boost up the site loading speed;
  •         Use caching to eliminate the number of server requests;
  •         Try to unite JS and CSS files into one big file;
  •         Use a Content Delivery Network.

Using the last option can option can be quite beneficial as it’s really able to speed up your site. A Content Delivery Network is a network of servers scattered around the world, and every time you use such a service you get a unique opportunity to place your web content on these servers and deliver it to your final users at a high speed.

Today, we have spoken about site loading speed and its importance. We hope that after having read our post, you’ve got a better notion on what site load speed is and why it’s so important today.