Laravel V/s. CodeIgniter: Which One is A Better Development Platform?

Before beginning development on a new PHP application, you must choose the framework that will support it. Starting from scratch is not always the best choice when dealing with more difficult responsibilities. As a consequence of this, several different options for assistance are accessible. Because there are so many options, choosing one may be more challenging than you initially anticipated.

Checking Laravel’s capabilities is a good idea before you choose other options. On the other hand, Laravel and CodeIgniter are two of the most widely used frameworks available today, even if you merely scratch the surface of their capabilities.

Laravel V/s. Codeigniter – An Unbiased Comparison!

Let’s understand the CodeIgniter capabilities and Laravel’s capabilities before going ahead with making a development decision.

Why Use Laravel?

The PHP framework Laravel, which is free and open-source, is widely utilized. Using the MVC architectural pattern was intended for web applications. The MIT license governs the use of Laravel, free and open-source software. Is there a reason why GitHub’s source code is hosted on GitHub? Laravel’s capabilities can also be understood because it has a strong PHP foundation and conforms to specific and explicit linguistic restrictions.

Migrations are managed using Laravel’s version control system. Composer and modular packaging are used in this dependency management strategy. ActiveRecord database support for Eloquent ORM. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer are all supported databases. The temperature of the blades is also adjustable.

Commands include artisan and sample code. It has been demonstrated. DBM instances can be limited using Laravel’s query builder. The automatic loading of frameworks lowers the need for human maintenance and inclusion. LOC containers are used to create framework tools.

Why Use CodeIgniter?

The CodeIgniter framework is a complex PHP implementation. For web app developers looking for a simple collection of tools, this is for you. For dynamic PHP web pages, you should use CodeIgniter. Without MVC, customers have full control.

There is a lot of support in the CodeIgniter community. Complicated functionality can be added with the help of third-party plugins. It’s encrypted and safe. It offers the opportunity for documentation that is simple to follow. Because of its programs and development features, confidence and security are boosted. It’s easy to use. It facilitates the loading of websites.

Key Differences!

Here are the key difference between Laravel and Codeigniter.

  1. While Codeigniter is an object-oriented framework, Laravel is relational.
  2. Laravel, in contrast to Codeigniter, offers classes for authenticating users.
  3. In comparison to Codeigniter, Laravel comes with a built-in unit testing tool.
  4. Compared to Codeigniter, an object-oriented event-driven functional framework, Laravel has a component-oriented architecture.
  5. Codeigniter is much easier to learn than Laravel, which has many more capabilities that are tough for beginners to understand.


These two PHP frameworks each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Regarding aesthetic and advanced functionality, Laravel still maintains a slight lead over CodeIgniter. The option that you go with, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on the project that you are working on.