Where can you watch movies without registration or sign up?

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Movie buffs love to watch movies for at least couple of hours every day. There are quite a number of websites which allow the users to watch the movies. But they demand you to register or sign up on their website to grant you the access. Signing up takes time and it’s a really boring process. By the time we complete the registration process and verify our email or phone numbers, we may not be interested in watching movies any more. Moreover, some people are not interested in sharing their email addresses as they are afraid that it may get too much spam emails. Isn’t it annoying to sign up or register on the websites when you are in the mood to watch movies? There are just a handful of websites which are generous enough to let you watch the movies without any registrations are sign-ups. So, there is no need to register and log in whenever you want to watch the movies on this website. Let’s see the list of websites which do not ask for registration or sign-ups. Check out these free online movie sites.  

123 Movies

123 Movies is a wonderful website where you can stream lots of new movies for free. The platform is clean and clutter free so that you can enjoy the movies in the best way possible. It loads up the movie super fast. You may find the new movies which were just released 3 weeks back in 123 Movies. The best thing about this website is you need not fill any forms for registration. You need not signup or register to start watching movies on 123 Movies. It’s free and most of the content is in high definition.


The name of this website may sound little fishy but you’ll be surprised to see their excellent movie collection. You can find most of the movies on this awesome website. Yes, you need not register and all the movies are available for free. It has a got a clean and simple look. It loads pretty fast. There are many old classic movies available on Movies4U. Majority of the content on this website is in HD. It’s neatly categorized based on the years. You’ll be surprised to see the movies which were just released a couple of months back. Movie buffs must definitely bookmark this awesome website.


If you are struggling hard to find the links for your favourite movie, you need to try it on Alluc. It’s not your typical movie website where you can stream movies. It’s a powerful search engine. Just search for the movies on it and it will fetch you tons of links where you can find that particular movie. It’s one of the best movie search engines on the internet. Of course, there are no registrations and sign-ups.

Cosmo Tube

Cosmo Tube is already super popular among the movie buffs on the internet. It’s popular for its high-speed movie streaming. You will find tons of latest movies on this website. Cosmo Tube definitely satisfies your craving for watching new movies. Its interface is simple and it’s effortless to search for different kinds of movies on this website. You can use their filers to sort movies by popularity, rating, released year, genre etc. It’s also a great place to find movies if you want to figure out what to watch.

Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory TV may not be as popular as the above websites but it’s as good as them when it comes to the movie collection. You need not sign up or register to watch movies on this website. Its design is modern but seems a little clumsy for the first few times. It’s completely free to watch movies on Shout Factory TV. The search functionality is great as you can search the movies by the actor’s name, year, title, director’s name etc.