What you need to know about your prepaid connection

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We list some interesting and important facts about prepaid phones.

It is safe to say that mobile phone users in India are part of a growing tribe. It is really simple to get a mobile phone connection, whether a prepaid or a postpaid one. Most first time phone users normally opt for prepaid connections, because they want to get used to the mobile network and the phone.

Prepaid plans used to be quite basic many years ago, but today, they are loaded with several benefits, much like postpaid phone connections. But do you know exactly what a prepaid phone connection is? The following section sheds some light on prepaid connections and what you need to know about them.

Essential facts about prepaid phone connections

Here’s a lowdown on what prepaid phone connections are…

* You pay for it before you use it. The underlying principle of a prepaid phone connection is its usage pattern: you pay for it before you use the data or network in any way. For instance, you could buy a plan for Rs 248 which has a fixed validity of 28 days. Unlike a postpaid connection, in which you pay for the plan after the bill is generated in a month, you pay the Rs 248 upfront before using the prepaid connection.

* You need to recharge it regularly to keep it running. Once the pack validity is over or the account balance runs out, you can do the prepaid mobile recharge and keep the connection active. This feature is also at odds with postpaid connections, in which you don’t need to recharge the connection, but need to pay the monthly bill within a certain amount of time. You must do the prepaid recharge when the operator sends you an alert SMS about the same. Not doing the prepaid mobile recharge may result in your outgoing calls and texts being barred for a short while.

* It provides almost the same functionality as a postpaid connection. Apart from the two functions mentioned in the points above, prepaid connections from leading providers have almost the same benefits as postpaid connections. Leading providers have now devised prepaid packs which offer a high amount of daily data (1.4 GB per data, refreshed at midnight), superfast upload and download speeds, always-on connectivity, etc. You can surf and use your phone with the prepaid connection the same way you would with a postpaid connection.

* It is quite cost-effective, even if you are a heavy phone user. Earlier users of prepaid phones were those who used their mobile phones on a restricted basis. But today, leading mobile service providers have created prepaid plans for heavy phone users as well. They are also extremely cost-effective: for instance, you could buy the best prepaid plans for just Rs 248 and Rs 495. The latter is valid for a whopping 84 days! Meanwhile, prepaid connections are easy to buy from leading providers, and you can do the prepaid mobile recharge online within under a minute.