What must you know about Google Play SEO tips?

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What must you know about Google Play Search?

Google Play search is considered a key tool that is helpful to users in various ways. It helps people in finding popular and relevant applications for Android devices. It is important to ensure that your app besides the store listing happens to be optimized and it is a vital factor to get found on Google Play by the users.

Develop an all-inclusive store listing

A person’s text in his store listing aids users in discovering his app and it is also a vital portion of forming a highly alluring store listing. You must consider the following tips when you optimize the store listing of your app on Google Play:

  • Title
    • You must always provide an accessible and unique title and you should also avoid the use of common terms.
    • You need to keep your title focused as longer titles get truncated based on the device the users have been browsing on.
    • You must not misspell the common terms as users will be busy in correcting your misspelled terms of search.
    • Description
      • You need to concentrate on your users besides their benefits that they will extract from your application.
      • You must also review the description of your app for ensuring that the highly vital text happens to be visible.
      • You should use the SEO Best Practices; however, you must be mindful regarding the IP infringement, like impersonation, keyword spamming, etc.
      • Promo Text
        • You must always propose a one-line and short description regarding your experience regarding the app.
        • Image assets

Images, app icons, and screenshots help make your app unique in categories, search results, and various featured app lists. When all the graphic assets that are needed are not present in the store listing, then you can include screenshots that would demonstrate the supported platforms of your app.

  • Expand your audience

Google proposes automated machine translations related to store listings that a person does not clearly define for his app. So, in this case, the person can utilize a highly professional translation service which will result in improved search results.

  • Extra search factors

You can improve the visibility of your app by doing the following:

  • Developing a meaningful and lasting experience.
  • Maintain and augment your app by making regular updates.
  • Encourage other users to propose feedback as comments and ratings.
  • Propose excellent customer service by giving responses to your users.
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