What is a Web Developer and What are the Different Types of Web Developers?

The contemporary era is the era of internet and technology. The internet has reached almost every corner of the world and around two-third of the world’s population use the internet in one form the other on a daily basis. Eventually, it is the internet which has made the world smaller because you can reach any corner of the world within a wink through the internet. People in huge percentages use various internet-enabled devices and get into millions of websites across the daily for various purposes. The websites or sites are web pages that display various information that are required for people for their daily needs and the web developers develop websites. This article discusses an overview of the work of web developers and different types of web developers based on their work or specialization.

A web developer also popularly known as web programmer is a person who takes a web design from either a web designing team or a client and eventually turns into a website. The web developer uses codes to write the lines of the website by using various languages. The web developer does a complex task of transforming the human language such as English to a language that is understood by the computer such as HTML or Python etc.

Eventually, different types of web developers specialise in different areas or aspects of web development namely front-end web developers, back-end web developers, and full-stack web developers. The front-end web developers are usually responsible for the front pages of websites which are visible for the people and where people can interact. Similarly, the back-end web developers basically deal with the behind the scene codes that run and control as well as loads the web pages in the website. The full-stack web developers do both the work of front-end web development as well as back-end web development.