VoIP Headset: Types and Benefits


Wireless VoIP headsets are free of wires

Wireless VoIP phone headsets have many advantages over traditional headsets. They allow the user to move around freely during the call and are suitable for home and office environments. However, they cost more than corded headsets and require a charger when the battery runs out. 

Apart from being free from wires, VoIP headsets also allow users to enjoy hands-free operation, making and receiving calls without worrying about awkward tangles. A hands-free headset allows the user to take notes during a call without worrying about distracting background noise. Wireless VoIP headsets are also more comfortable than traditional phone sets and can be worn all day.

Convertible VoIP headsets connect to VoIP phones via USB

Using a VoIP headset has many benefits, including enhanced call quality, comfort, and increased efficiency. However, it is crucial to pick the best one for you. You can choose from various styles, designs, and features, depending on what you need for the headset.

Choose a quality headset that fits your budget and business needs. Many business VoIP headsets are not the same, and they should be carefully chosen to suit your company’s specific needs. The Poly Blackwire C-720-M, for example, is a quality, versatile headset equipped with many features for most businesses.

The advantages of wireless headsets include multipoint connectivity. A wired headset can only connect to one device. A wireless headset can connect to several devices simultaneously and remembers previous connections for future use. 

In addition, a headset with a leatherette ear cushion is comfortable and easier to use. It slides over your hair and does not get tangled, unlike foam cushions which tend to tangle. Some headsets come with a Y-cord, which makes them perfect for training new staff or monitoring the performance of current ones

VoIP simplifies collaboration

A VoIP headset, also known as a videophone, allows you to have a video conference, even if you’re not in the same room. Its high-definition video capabilities will enable you to show and share your screen and offer whiteboarding capabilities. This technology also simplifies collaboration. It works with existing communications infrastructure, eliminating the need for complex telecom carriers. VoIP headsets are ideal for teams or businesses collaborating remotely without requiring a complicated network setup.

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