Vizen Analytics  Artificial Intelligence Business Analytics as a Service

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In offering compelling AI services in the field of operational analytics, Vizen Analytics LLC (A Wyoming company) is thought of as an expert in business analytics as a service.

Analytics as a service (AaaS) refers to the provision of analytics software and operations through web-delivered technologies; these types of solutions offer businesses an alternative to developing internal hardware setups just to perform business analytics…and we’re all for that.

To put this into context, this type of service is part of a much wider range of approaches with similar titles and similar ideas, including:

• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

What do all of these have in common? The service model replaces internal systems with web-delivered services; when we talk about analytics as a service, it describes a scenario wherein a provider might offer access to a remote analytics platform for a monthly fee. This would allow a client to use that particular analytics software for as long as it is needed, and to also allow him/her to stop using it and cease paying for it in the future.

Why It’s Becoming a Valuable Option

Analytics as a service is becoming a valuable option for businesses because setting up analytics processes can be quite the work-intensive prospect; companies that need to engage in more analytics efforts may demand additional servers and other types of hardware, and they may need more IT staff to implement and maintain these programs.

If the company can take advantage of analytics as a service instead, it may be able to bypass these new costs and new business process requirements.

The Vizen Bottom Line: Bring your Data, Solve a KPI problem

We offer a fully managed “All In” AI service enabling your business to simply press a button and securely send your raw, unprocessed data directly to the Vizen’s private secure cloud pipeline for analysis and evaluation. We focus to evaluate the corresponding KPI related data patterns that may be impacting your overall execution results. We offer advisory recommendations after exploring your data to improve future forecast accuracy and to optimize the critical outcomes that affect your performance. As we’ve mentioned here, this equips the modern business with more choices and more precise solutions for changing corporate needs in markets that work largely on the availability of “big data.”