Video Converter for Mac


The reason behind the conversion of the videos is not important, the ways in which it should be converted matters. If we talk about the process of conversion of videos into different file formats, then it is really difficult to find a good converter, especially for Mac. It sounds great that you find an application that can directly convert any file into the required format. So, here are few of the options that you can consider for converting the videos of MP4 format into MP3 format. You can actually read the properties of these applications and then can choose accordingly.


Any Mac user must be acquainted with this name, as this is bliss for all those who love watching videos and try to save them for later. You will be glad to know that VideoDuke can even help you in converting videos into audio files. You do not actually need to download the videos, but you can convert video to mp3 on Mac directly on YouTube.

For this, you just need to download the app and then you need to open YouTube. Select the video you require or desire to convert. After that, you need to go to the options and then find the magic download button. Press on that and your video will be converted in the format you want.

If we talk about the advantages of this application, then it is a very lightweight app and does not take too much space. Along with that, this application has a very nice user interface.

Total video converter

Another option that you can choose for the conversion of videos into the desired format is the total video converter. It can actually convert the videos into the desired format very quickly. Also, one should not be pro in using this video converter. This is very easy to handle and has a very friendly user interface. After the process is done, you will receive the video file that you have selected in the original format. Along with that, the audio file of the same video will also be there on your device. The conversion process of these video files is very easy and quick.


The best thing about this application is that website to convert video files online is free to download. You can get it free of cost and can rely upon it, without any second thought. Once you download this application, you actually get a chance to upgrade it to the pro version. For converting the videos from this application, you need to copy the link of the desired video and then need to paste it on to the application. The app has a very nice user interface.

YTD downloader

With the coming time, this application has also made a place in the category of good video downloader. To get your favourite audio, you just need to copy the URL of it and then have to select the desired format for conversion.

With all the options available above, you can actually download your favourite audios into your favourite format. Decide the format and choose the downloader accordingly.