Various Ways To Send Videos Through Email For An Effective Marketing Campaign

Email and video always go together, like bread and butter. However, some marketers do not know the way of spicing up their email-marketing schedule with the right videos. By embedding the captivating videos, you will get optimized results from email marketing. The businesses, relying on the videos, help the audience in consuming the information very easily. Most of Internet users check their emails regularly. However, they do not love reading boring emails. Thus, the best option to stimulate positive feelings in the email recipients is to add relevant videos.

Insert the term, video to the subject line of your email-

This is one of the smartest tricks of email marketers. Most of the busy readers do not open the email until they know what is inside it. Thus, by adding the word, video to your email subject line, you may increase the open rate. It gives you a chance of grabbing the attention of readers. You can prevent them from sending your email to the trash list.

Use this technique for doubling up the email open rates.

Send video emails for promoting the events of your business-

Your retail store or your company offers a special discount to the customers. To attract the local customers, you may use the technique of sending emails with video. It is also applicable while you have arranged a conference or any local event. A short, precise and relevant video is the best tool to send an invitation. However, while you are sending every email for the invitation, you have to personalize it by adding the name of recipients. Your video content will motivate the readers. You will get lots of attendees at your conference.

Saying thanks through videos

All your brand followers and customers love appreciation. You can create a personal video to convey your thanks and gratitude to them. They will feel that you always value them. The video helps you to apply a new thanksgiving style. You or your team members can thank the customers for making deal with your company. This type of videos in the email will create a lasting and genuine impression. Thus, start developing the best video with online InVideo tool. This tool helps you to edit a video or create a new one very easily.

Insert GIFs to your email

These GIFs are not much lengthy like videos. The attention span of the viewers is reducing in this present age. Without clicking on the play button, the email readers will be able to have a view of the animated images. Add the animation to your email and help the recipients to get fun. For instance, a cartoon display, a dance move or any other creative thing may make your email interesting. However, the longer GIF file is very large, and it can slow down the email. Thus, your GIF file size has to be below 125K. You will get the best response from the email recipients.

Send a tutorial video through your email

You may have posted a tutorial video at your website. However, all your email subscribers and potential customers do not always get time to visit the site. Thus, you may send this type of videos using email. You have to educate the customers on the way of using your product. The viewers will learn something from these how-to videos.

Preview of the latest products

Most of your fans have an interest in the recently released products. You may send them an email to have a preview of those products in the embedded video. For instance, as one of the e-commerce store owners, you may create a video on the new products, currently added to your stock.

Upselling the present customers using video email-

You may have spent much time for drawing more leads to your website. However, it is also essential to retain regular customers. We think that it is the most important to continue the flow of revenue from your business. Remember that your present customers will take time for watching the video, embedded in your promotional email.

Collaborate with your team members and segment your customers, based on their choice of products. It will help you in finding out the highest upselling opportunities. Also, you may send the testimonial-type email videos to your customers. These videos will motivate them to buy different other products from your company.

Sharing your brand story-

Most of us cannot make a decision on the type of videos, best for the email-marketing program. The easiest option for you is to share some exciting story about your brand or your company. For instance, you may talk about your source of inspiration for starting your business. You can reveal something about the core values and principles, followed by your team.

Now, you can find out different other innovative ways to have success in your email marketing campaign.