Types of YouTube Video Ads

Some ad choices go away as social media continue to explore and experiment social media marketing in singapore, and others become significant resources for promoting music and entertainment.

Google launched 6-second Youtube Bumper Advertisements last year. We have been able to bring you early Google news of a great new ad alternative in that situation.

They could be doing away with some existing choices this year and adding fresh ways to meet YouTube viewers. But even the people we chat to at Google are unaware of what’s going to happen next. Media analysis of such possibilities too frequently requires a touch of smoke and mirrors to catch news and viewpoints.

We’ve built a quick guide to new YouTube Video Ad choices with that in mind. Furthermore, we want to point out which solutions best suit unique objectives while optimizing your ad spending.


There are two types of TrueView video ads, In-Stream ads and Discovery ads also referred to as In-Display. Before the posted YouTube video,

YouTube In-Stream advertisements will play. In-Display video advertisements appear above playlists, and YouTube recommended videos in the top-right sidebar as a supported suggested video.

As the user will determine whether they want to keep watching, both In-Stream and In-Display video advertisements can be of any duration. Furthermore, In-Stream ads can be skipped with “Skip Ad” buttons that appear after 5 seconds.

Both options are pay per view, although views for each ad form are described differently.

Views for In-Stream advertising are described as watching or interacting with the video for at least 30 seconds. A view happens when videos are shorter than 30 seconds if a viewer watches the entire video.

For In-Display advertising, as soon as a viewer clicks to watch the video, a view is recorded.

Pre-Roll Ads

Video advertisements from Youtube Pre-Roll are non-skippable and cost of advertising on youtube per click.

Although some video publishers have authorized 30-second Pre-Roll videos, that format is currently discontinued. In practice, only 15 or 20-second videos are provided by preferred publishers.

Moreover, 15-second videos are usually less costly per click than TrueView in-stream commercials, leading to more cost-effective campaigns, provided the pay per click price. When looking to sell a product like song downloads or merchandise, it is essential to optimize for clicks because it is the first step to bringing users to your checkout page.

Although TrueView video ads are best for branding and video views, Pre-Roll ads are suitable for album sales, ticketing and new clothing sales promotions.


The video advertisements on Bumper are 6 seconds long. Like Pre-Roll ads, they are non-skippable, just like TrueView ads, they are pay per view.

YouTube Bumper ads incorporate elements of each of the above ad

formats, but, like TrueView images, are better adapted for branding campaigns.

They’re even cheaper than TrueView ads per view. Furthermore, they drive a “significant lift in ad recall,” according to a study carried out by Google.

Bumper ads may have a click-through option, just like TrueView ads, but are tailored and more successful for views.